AssBackwards Approach


Doing things backward

I looked at starting or should I say re-branding my self hosted website The reason was to have the freedoms I could not deploy on hosted website That Guy, Emmitt’s Weblog.

I really liked having my blog on, but the limitations prevented me from moving forward as a blogger and podcast, being able to manipulate my own content. To start, I have been a podcaster since 2007 on various platforms with various shows in iTunes and podcast directories. Podcasting the way I produce content did not lend itself well to the hosted sights.

I just could not figure out how to include in the fold for my new information about wonderful living and the fruits of life.

My new selfhosted blog at which is also directed to the theme is running great. The one thing I miss is the connection to the community of bloggers, who are awesome for feedback and encouragement.

So what I should have done was start a new blog hosted under, then move to a self hosted.  I have come to the conclusion, That Guys Emmitt’s weblog. and The Billionaire Lifestyle Blog and podcast will have to exists as cousins.

So if you follow me here, please take the time to visit me on my new site, where I blog and audio podcast. You can find it @ and .

The site is not about money but value of Life.

Thank you all for your support.


Emmitt “The Billionaire Lifestyler” Muckles

The J.P. Lynn Guide to the Internet

Sometimes someone say it all and all you want to do is agree with the point without too much fanfare, Or you just want to share. In a nutshell that is what I did with this post. Plain and simple


"This is why you're broke!"


**Internet rule #1 – never argue with idiots.

How do you know an idiot?

They’re trying to argue on the internet.

**Internet Rule #2 – never tolerate a pitch for a pyramid scheme or MLM scam. (when they out themselves, post their profile name, put them on blast and block them as well)

We at BKF University, have no time for your malarky with these schemes in our already struggling community.

**Internet rule #3 – learn how to spot a “hood unicorn”. If you don’t know what a hood unicorn is, you’ll just have to take the L. Or you can keyword search some of our previous posts.

**Internet Rule #4 – Use the internet to educate yourself. But NEVER EVER read the comments section. Only read well thought out articles acting as their own responses by people who reveal their identities. Everything else is arguing and bickering by racists…

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I was wondering about morality and capitalism.

Started the topic with a podcast to help sooth my soul. This is what happened.


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Nothing to Hide, Everything to fear Black in America

There was a statement in:

The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

By Upton Sinclair

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

As I look at my Facebook timeline, I see an incredible amount of posting concerning the  rampant civil rights of many American citizens. Of these posting the majority are People of Color.

There was an old statement from the american 1960 which stated “The Revolution will not be Televised”. Thanks to social media the revolution will not be televised but posted  via the internet, But, I don’t think so, the tipping point is upon us.

Civil Rights 2.0 may be required to  suffer a great deal more collateral damage to really get the attention of the American Public. My reasoning : The majority of Americans are way too comfortable in whatever level of lifestyle and far too timid to change anything, besides the channel.

Police are killing people unjustifiably. The reason we have not seen an outrage of mass scale are for several reasons.

1. The killings not close enough to any large group to make a significant social impact. ( sad but true)

2. Too many people believe verbatim the presentations on television and media.

3. The I’M Good factor ( which means it ain’t directly affecting me).

Since Trayvon Martin’s death I can stop thinking about the growing number of senseless beatings and murder aimed dominantly at American men of color.

Its crazy when a person freaks out a little just to see a police officer while driving, simply because an encounter with a police officer may be fatal to one’s health.

Thinking back about a year or so, the topic of  bullying was all the rage. This is the ultimate for of being bullied. Where are those people who were making noise then? Hip Hop  and marginalized people have been reporting inappropriate police behavior of this nature for years and people dismissed or ignored their claims because it did not have an impact on the dominant society. I  seriously ask you, what are we to do to address this murderous situation? Is it not enough to enslave people in the for profit prison industrial complex, because if you read the constitution there is ONE legal form of slavery in America. So since the prisons are at capacity just start killing people of a particular ethnic demographic unjustly.

In my head, in my heart, I just want to have the opportunity to strive for and live the American Dream without being paranoid of those who are slated to Protect and Serve.


Simple Beauty!(humor)

So there I was sitting in Chicago’s Midway airport, internally fussing because you can’t lock down your seat on Southwest Airlines. No biggie, since I can never check in 24 hours and 1 minute before check-in is available. This is no fault of Southwest Airlines, just my own personal issue of time management and forgetting to set the alarm to book my boarding.

As I mussed about the method of boarding for Southwest Airlines, my simple Neanderthal mind begins to kick in and my favorite airport activity takes subtle hold of my person.

People Watching!

I love to people watch, and being a man I love to look at the females as they pass my particular vantage point in the airport. Women are beautiful. Women make being a man a absolute JOY!
During my people watching as I anticipate boarding these modern time machines called airplanes, it’s been within the last year my airport activity has gotten really interesting, mostly because I comment what I am witnessing on my Facebook timeline. I began picking up on a peculiar fashion faux pas, which transformed into a festival of delight for me and my Facebook friends. It use to be while watching these people dressed to the hilt for travel gave me reason to ask “What the hell were they thinking wearing that”, but the same thing can be said about me. Then at some point something magical happen.


Oh my, I like women, particularly I like the shape of women, and there was a trend in the throught the early 90’s for people to wear biking shorts. This trend faded with MC Hammer, but now it has been reinvented thanks to Yoga, The 5k race and Ugg boots.

Like my father I am an ass and hips man, for those of you who don’t understand that, get the urban dictionary app. With the reintroduction of yoga pants (Stretchy Pants) in the daily fashion lexicon, I sit in the airport as a parade of fit and not so fit butt’s pass me as I eat my veggie sandwich while sipping vitamin water or really expensive coffee and listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast .

For some strange biological reason Men of African American descent have an affinity for the female body part referred to as BOOTY! I am no exception. There is one obvious observation from my 40 +++ years on this earth. Everyone race, creed and color are PACKIN in the booty deparment. It seems like once Jennifer Lopez let America know it was ok to pack some ass, with Kim Kardashian affirmed it, butt cheeks around the world began to flourish.

Here is what I know, when you are stuck in an airport waiting to board an uncomfortable 6 hour flight, a man or person has to appreciate the simple pleasures presented in life. To whom-ever created the stretchy pant. I say Bravo to you sir or madam, you have put a smile in at least one man’s heart.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Have some dam fun,

All over the place Podcast #3

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This show I am alone and talking about the police brutality, and the seeming escalation of violence against citizens. THe Myth of Common sense. Do you know your basic RIGHTs as an American. with Music from Jaan Klose, and Clara Bellino.


THe revolution will not be Televised, it will be on Youtube.


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DETROIT HUSTLES HARDER- Emmitt and Mr Moe talk about skinny jeans, drag racing, the state of being a man, Drinking alcohol and trying to be the best best Men forged from the streets of Detroit from different perspectives. There is some cool music prodided by the podsafe music network.

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All Over the Place Episode 001

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In this First show of All Over The Place Podcast Emmitt and guest Sabine share music from the Podsafemusic Network and talk about Emmitt’s love of Yoga pants, the royal family, arts and Crafts(Sabine), Booty and body types, what is attractive, The Austrain, Canada, Northwest Indiana connection and tons of other stuff. The Time just flew by. We Can’t forget Pintrest the love of Sabine’s life.

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What the F#^k happen to us.

Nick Cannon in white Face.

Johnny Weir

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian uproar

Rampant self absorption and  bitchassness in America.

HELP MY SANITY, I just want to turn on the Television and be somewhat entertained without having my intellect insulted.

So I watched Blue Jasmine to see what the hoopla was all about from the Oscars (which I did not watch), thanks to Netflix. Left unimpressed after the viewing Blue Jasmine. I must say Cate Blanchett did a great job playing a delusional white woman who fell hard to the economic status of most Americans. The movie, Blue Jasmine was one of those occasions where the previews misled me, or maybe was pissed a bit because I just did not like the ending of the movie.  The movie left me uninspired, not really entertained, but I did like the acting. I give it THUMBS DOWN. (Just my opinion)

After watching Blue Jasmine I tuned my TV to NBC because its one of the best HD channels my DIY HD antenna receives. With nothing better to do until my engagement later in the evening, I watched Access Hollywood and quickly began to contemplate suicide, because of the most useless information ever to be broadcast on syndicated national television.

People should be in an uproar by the sheer mindless unimportant bullshit these so called media people produce. I could give an absolute shit about Anna Wintour’s decision to place Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue magazine. Many of the people in the United States don’t have access to the products in Vogue magazine anyway so, who cares who is on the cover. Most people don’t buy the magazine anyway.

Here is the conversation of any substance concerning  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in my circles, and it is in the form of a single question. “Why would you marry and have a baby by the chick who is in your circle for having video sex with a D-list celebrity and having a huge booty?” end of conversation.

I should have just turned on Pandora instead while throwing darts , but I didn’t, Access Hollywood then showed some guy Johnny Weir and the abuse he suffered by his husband. While domestic abuse is not tolerable and I wish no one in this world should ever experience, why do we care specifically about Johnny Weir?

There is a someone in this country who is suffering serious domestic abuse with no where to go because of family obligations, a crappy financial situations or limited opportunity. Why don’t these programs show stories about these people who are suffering, they are just as important as Mr Johnny Weir. Do something to stop domestic violence like providing jobs and education for people to really have the ability to pull themselves up by their boot straps. Do something like give them boots first, metaphorically speaking.

People are tripping because Nick Cannon did a comedy skit in whiteface, while I thought it was silly of him, there are some serious issues in this country, see previous paragraph. People are still losing their homes, don’t have health care or can’t sign up for health care.

Maybe I’m just being pompous and these television shows help everyday American people see everyone has issues, problems and drama in their lives. I witnessed all this on television while I was practicing my dart throw.

Maybe, I’m just noticing America has dropped its standard and the only thing we produce of well is obesity, sports, gossip, and war, instead of quality of life and freedom to pursue happiness.