herosI have been enthralled by the television show Heroes. If you have never watched the show, it is about people who discover they posses amazing powerful physical and mental abilities. Some of these abilities include spontaneous physical healing, flight, reading thoughts, and manipulation of properties of the physical world.

The funny thing about this, this show is just a hyper-extension of our current physical being.

We can heal ourselves if the body suffers damage; our thought process has developed technology to allow us to fly in planes, defying gravity. We are unlimited beings. Now that we have a good grasp of the technological world, the task is to develop the higher inner being.

The thing about the people on this television show is they discover some success with the powerful ability within, then the power and personal control grows. The same is for us as people. We all have power within us, we have not developed and not truly understood. Once we obtain a glimpse of our personal extraordinary human abilities the potential is unlimited.

All of us posses a unique ability, that is why the world is abundant and wonderful. We must follow the unique path of our positive passion.

Our passion drives our unique power which is derived from our unique ability. The key is to honestly look within to bring out your wonderful abilities.

Our human abilities are unique and unlimited, that is our job to find the passion, develop the ability and become our own HERO.


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