Multi-Tasking Vs. Chunking revisited

Many people ask me how I am able to accomplish so much in so little time. I wrote my first book in less than 5 months. That might not seem that spectacular, except consider that I didn’t spend those 5 months dedicated to the writing of my book. I also worked a full-time job AND two part-time jobs while still finding time to spend with my beautiful wife and two daughters. Some people might think that I must be great at multi-tasking, but I would argue that while multi-tasking does have its uses, the real credit goes to a time-management trick I like to call “chunking”.
Chunking is the process of taking any project or task and breaking it down into smaller tasks. It also involves setting aside the “chunks” of time needed to accomplish those smaller tasks and focusing on just those tasks.
Let’s use my book writing project as an example. First, I broke it down into the smallest chunk I thought I realistically could accomplish on a daily basis: pages. (technically, I could have also used paragraphs or even sentences, but I did want to finish my book within a year). Each day I had the very simple goal of writing just one page. During an hour lunch break I would write one page. An hour before going to sleep, I could write one page. Once I got going with the writing, I found that most days I could actually write a lot more than just one page, usually I could get 2-4 pages written. Before I knew it, my book was finished.
Concentrate on completing small, simple steps instead of the final outcome and before you know it, your goal will be achieved.

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