200 channels and nothing to watch! The revolution will not be televised.


I sat in front of my television box with my fingers in constant motion on our multi-functional all-in-one remote control. Why Was I doing this? Because I had three hours of time to just kill, and watching television is the best way to ABSOLUTLY kill time.  

There I sat frantically scouring the guide/channel selection expecting to find something to capture my interest.  I did, however possible, stumbled upon several cooking shows on TLC, and the Food Network, but all that did was make me hungry.  This can be expensive, because eating is a sport to me.So I kept searching. 

I tried to watch MTV, but they did not play any Videos (WTF!). I searched HBO, SHOWTIME and the Action Network, and found the equivalent of movie reruns. After 60 minutes of sampling more than 200 channels, I found nothing that held my interest for more than 7.65 minutes.

There I sat with two more hours of time to actually devote to watching television and could not find a thing to watch or devote my attention towards.  What happened next? I turned off the TV, cablebox and stereo and then grabbed a note pad and began to just write what I was thinking.  From those writings came the idea for a podcast and how I would obtain the music for that show. If you like to hear the podcast here is the url; http://www.detroitbeatz.com/media/show30.mp3  I typically don’t care to watch much television except for specific shows, which are usually digitally recorded (TVO). It’s not that I am a media snob; I just figured out that I can live the life, instead of having life (reality) presented to me. You should too…I’n case you didn’t know. The revolution will not be televised. The revolution of life starts with you.    weapon        


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