gratitudeDaily, my first few minutes of consciousness are special and magical. During this time I begin processing the environment that I have awaken to, and become a part of, my reality starts anew. In the precious few minutes before my feet hit the floor and I become engrossed with the day ahead of me. I begin a ritual that has become  habit.

I quickly sense the environment I have been given and promptly begin to give thanks. I thank the Supreme God of my life for giving me another day to live, then I proceed to shower the Almighty for the little things. A short list includes, My senses, family, health,wealth, fortune, Love ,intelligence and the list may continue for anything that comes to my mind.

Since I stated this practice (now habit) I have noticed my life has gotten much more fluid and easier. There is such a sense of peace and direction that flows from this simple, yet power ritual. The worries of days gone by are not an issue. I feel such a fulfilled measure of peace and harmony that is really hard to place words upon for description.

As an example I give thanks every time my phone rings with a prospective client. My phone started to ring more often lately as a result of my gratitude, bolstering my business.

I have heard all my life that gratitude can bring great things into my life, but until I started the daily practice I could never truly grasp the concept. If you want to see the fruits of this action try it for 7 to 15 days and see how your life will change. See how you will change.
After I have given conclude the first session of giving thanks, I then ask God to guide and clear the path for the journey of my day. Whatever that path may encompass I flow with it.

As my day progresses I have found myself giving thanks constantly, sometimes aloud and other moments with my mental voice. The fruits of this practice are limitless. It is not just God I thank, but people too. You would be surprised the effect of genuine gratitude towards another person can manifest.
We all have a great deal items for which to give thanks, so acknowledge them. Acknowledge all the small gifts and the larger thing will build exponentially.

If you have absorbed any material from the Bible, Law of attraction or on personal development then you will notice they all have something about gratitude. This is because gratitude is a reciprocal blessing. Even when thing may not seem to be going exactly how you want, there is something to give thanks for.

Thank you for reading this Blog/Post.


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