Living inside the unreal Matrix!

I , You, We , US are living inside the Matrix. Actually I think of it as the garden of Eden, everything is here. I can do things now I thought were impossible when I was a child.

This world is a comic book with a blank canvas. Anything is possible.

Here is what is different in just 10 years time.

  • You can instantly contact almost anyone no matter where you or they are located.
  • Music is almost free in some form or fashion.
  • Anything is available 24/7, just have to look hard enough.
  • Could have a Great President who is African American.
  • Cars now tell you where to go when you are lost.
  • Most new televisions sit on the wall like paintings.
  • AND Gas is more expensive than Milk.WOW

Now you tell me this is not some elaborate software program we are living in. The kicker would be if it were obtained from Microsoft, MSMATRIX2.0

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