THE SECRET!!! is not a secret.

boxheadThe growing popular metaphysical theology today is called “THE SECRET”. I am not sure about how secret
that it really is a secret, because the secret is just a name.

If you see it you can achieve it! True Statement.
The principles are a part of our native essence, we are just distracted from our involvement and control over our own life. We are constantly programmed not to focus our attention on those wonderful traits, virtues and gifts which have been present with us prior to out physical manifestation on earth.

Most of the human programming through media (TV & Radio) is to satisfy the standards of a predetermined society to promote the growth of the viral consumers. There are factions that feel you should think and behave in a certain fashion to facilitate the controlled growth and development of the overall society (profit). They want you to think strictly inside the box. That box is usually in the form of some product or gadget presented in 30 ~ 60 seconds intervals during typical television observations.

Car, GPS devices, Computers, Tampons, Erectile Dysfunction, restless leg syndrome, or what ever is the flavor of the moment is slammed down your throat. Half the time we don’t even know what is before us until the disclaimer guy starts to tell us about the side effects you will receive from using “X” product.

I decided to limit my intake of television, radio and most commercial programming (Stuff with actual commercials), in favor of Podcast, vidcast and TVO. I can speed through the paid advertisements, without sound too.

It is really weird at first limiting your television intake, then you discover there is a whole array of things you can actually participate in physically, for instance, fixing the toilet (leaking), Blog post, research your next venture, or even write a book ( The Journey Of One, by Emmitt Muckles). Shameless plug, but you would too.

My thing is to live more and at the end of the time here on this planet have something to recall fondly. You don’t want to reminisce about your days on earth and have nothing but movies, reality shows and music videos to mark your time on the planet. I think not.

Do something new, hey if all else fails put on some music and dance for 30 minutes, it’s a good cardio workout.

Yep the secret states you can have what you want through intention/thought. I actually believe it to be true, but you have to be prepared to receive it when that THING arrives. So start preparing to receive and get off myspace and turn off the television.

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