Several moths ago a new Borders Books opens in my neighborhood. My reaction was twofold, “About Time” and “Thank you LORD”.

I love to read, especially before I fall asleep in bed at night. Around my third visit to the new store (in less than a month), I had finished Joel Osteen, “Your best life Now”, and was looking for some research material about planning. Perusing the store and letting mi mind wonder directed my thoughts about this new project that Oprah had been talking about. Her newest book for the Oprah book club was Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”. This book was everywhere I looked in this store. I tried my best not to pick it up, but I did.

I did not read much of the inside cover, and gambled that I would actually like this book. Several weeks passed before my attention was place on Mr. Tolle’s manuscript. However once I began reading, the book did not grab my attention, but I pressed on.

There was a strange feeling of needing to get past the first chapters about his discussion regarding the EGO. The subject was not registering an impact with me as I estimated, since it was a much talked about and promoted piece.

The grasping the context of A New Earth,for me impart, changed upon reading Chapter 5 when the Pain-body was introduced. All of a sudden the words came alive and OH SNAP! I began to understand the context of the previous chapters a great deal better. I have had to proceed slowly with the book now to process the earlier part of the book.

I get it now, he does hit the human “BEING” dynamic in the bullseye. I hope 30% of the United States would read and grasp the concepts of Mr. Tolle. That 30% would easily change the face of this planet.

It’s funny I read the works of other authors for affirmation about my own thoughts and writings. We all understand the principles of life, we just interpret and digest it differently.

Well I am blogging on the FLY….gotta go!


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