I was in the car with my wife, then she turned on her xmradio on the dash. Quickly searching the channels to find something we would both like. She settled on one of the R&B station that xm offers. Play at that time was a song called “Customer” by Raheem Devaughn.

I generally like this guys music until now, but not this song “Customer, not because of the musicianship, production or the musical arrangement. Not at all!!

Then purpose for my disgust was the references to love, relationship and being a fast food server/customer. Then to make matters worse it last for over 4 minutes. Now don’t get me wrong, I like this guys music and voice, but dam, telling your woman you are going to give her a loving service like Burger King, McDonalds, or Wendy’s…..UHHH……NO!

This is another example of media producing the bottom LCD content. LCD=Lowest-Common-Denominator

I think I am just a little old school, but love testimony in music at one time had more character and content. I really respect Orange Juice Jones a little better now.

I cannot write lyrics to save my life, but Damn, fast food service and Love. WTF! That one I could have tackled.

Well my wife is in the car with a painful look of disdain of her face, when I say to her “don’t change it, it might get better.”

She keeps stating, “I can’t take it.” I laughed at her displeasure but she indulged my interest and let the song play out.

We both agreed that with all the technological advances, content gets simpler for the senses.

Now I know why George W. Bush is President of the USA.


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