flagOnce upon a time the United STATES of America use to be the at the forefront of civilization and innovation. We were the model of what the world could be with freedom of speech, and civil liberties. I fear that this is slowly being degraded and morphed into something other than what the founding father intended. I hear in conversations as I am out and about in social settings, people saying that they would move out of this country in a heart beat afforded the opportunity. This is due to the change in freedoms and liberties that they see are being eroded.

I began thinking about the gas prices, mortgage problems and various changes that affect the economic and household of many American.

The sumation was this. We in America, even on the lowest end, have a high standard of living for the most part compared to many other countries and nations. Most of us are live comfortable lives. For us to be part of the global community, the middle class must represent the median of the other nations who are also a part of that global community. Basically it is easier to lower our bar than to bring the bar higher for everyone else.

I am rather fond of have the independance that America once propagated as a nation. We innovated and prospered in industry, but it seems that our industry is being outsourced. That’s fine to a degree, then why don’t we retool for the millienum and prosper by innovating information to keep our economy afloat. Nooooo! Our country and civil liberties are being handled laike a company being purchased during a hostile acquisition. Where the sum total is being dismantled and sold. This is not good.

The people of this nation are unhealthy and not starving for anything, which has made us a target for the wolf to attack us with ease. It is time to retool our situation and refuel the passion that made this country great.

Several months ago I posted about the American Axel strike. That was exactly what I am talking about. We relied on big business to feed us, when it was the small business that made us.

If you look around your community the small grocery stores are being overrun by large bulk/ Mega/membership stores, where if you are not a member you cannot buy. I remember a time when you could spend weeks within a 1 mile radius of your home without a car because there were business that supported your community. This is no longer. Where I live in Metro-Detroit, if you do not have an automobile, you are doomed.

We were duped into keeping up with the “Jones” through Television & Media instead of living out out our personal destiny.

It is time to put the defibrillator on the pulse of each State of the United States, and bring this country back to the power of the people and the greatness our founders put forth in the American Constitution  and Bill of rights.


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