Chapter 2009….Unemployed in American….American Fables

Well it seems that I keep coming into contact with unemployed workers in Michigan. The better way to put it now is “Indefinite Layoff”.

We should have all seen this as it progressed towards us. Houses that were once considered mansions, teenagers with cars that most adults can’t afford, and Buy, Refi, Refi Etc,etc
We put all our eggs in one basket. I am guilty of this too. Concentrating of the easiest method of generating a lifestyle, and not really looking towards the future during times of tremendous change.

The foundation of the industrial machine that helped make America a great nation, has been snatched from under all of us. The problem is the American Cultural Mindset of More, More, More, Faster, Faster, Faster. It all reminds me of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.(We are the Hare)
We have been the Hare for at least the last thirty years. Remember the Hare from the fable, although the Hare had the better skill set,  his arrogance got the better of him, instead of focusing on the end result and what was require to finish the race, he let the race slip by, due to the lack of stead fast diligence.

Here is a quote from Emmitt. “The easiest thing to manage is that which is the simplest in composition.”

Is your life Simple as possible or complex? ( Baby mama drama, credit cards, Hi house payment, low financial income.)
We were busy chasing more money, when compared to a great percentage of the free world we have more money than we could really use. It is not entirely our fault, we all to some degree were the victims of skulduggery defined as:

skull·dug·ger·y or skul·dug·ger·y play_w2(“S0457000”)

Definition:Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.<!–//

The Grasshopper VS the Ant!
Skulduggery was done to make us consumers,  not savers or forward thinkers. Consumers drive production, the more consumption, more product to be made. It’s Psychological crack for the masses. All this started as soon as Television hit the market in the 1950’s. That gave the powers that be a direct programming pipeline into your home, therefore your life.
Limit Your Television Consumption! No More, “Tool Academy”.
Simplicity is the name of the game. Acquire what you need. Limit the acquisition of what you WANT.
Liv 4 Now

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