Rooting for Hip-Hop’s T.I.



I have been a DJ for at least 10 solid years now. I have seen changes in the music chart landscape. In the late 90’s through the middle of the the first decade of the millennium Hip-Hop dominated the charts. Then as is the norm the pendulum swings too far to one side for too much time.

The Pendulum swing was the focus of hip hop’s sub-genre of Dirty South/Crunk and all that follows. To me the music was a great reflection of a region, but as with music companies they milk the cow until blood comes out of the udders.

I began to despise music from the south, not simply for the lack of imagination and the proliferation of simplistic chants that numbed my neurons, but it was just too dam SLOW in BPM.

There are exceptions to the rule, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, and my personal favorite, T.I.

T.I. has captured my attention from the first time I heard 24’s. I thought the song “24’s”  chant/hook was catchy. This was before southern music began to grind my inner ear like a Q-tip stuck in a little too far. I found, I genuinely liked what this guy was producing. With each promo I received T.I. music caught my ear. To top things off his song was the featured as the main track on my favorite video game, Need for Speed Underground. Gotta love it.

It’s a hard thing for me to admit, but game recognize games, T.I. is an impressive cat to me. I would catch interviews, and such on Fuse or MTV, and the guy just struck me as a person who places thought into his actions, a person who tends to think before he acts. I was impressed, and it is rare for anyone in the public to leave a lasting impression upon me.

When I heard of this cat T.I. getting arrested on felony gun charges, I wasn’t shocked. I just figured there has to be something rational behind it. There wasn’t. T.I did something dumb, based on an emotional fear.

I did not want to let go of this dude being my favorite in the current hip hop stable, because one the most important aspects of me digging this guy is his positive swagger and good fruit I have seen from this guy. Let’s face it though T.I. is not a big burly dude like 50 cent, who wears a bullet proof vest, and we all know too well in the Hip hop world people are going to test this man swagger often because of his industry and status. I forgot to mention that his best friend was killed when some guy ran up on then after an altercation at a Ohio nightclub. I understand why this guy wanted as much fire power as possible at his disposal.

It still remains to be said that it was a dumb decision to place yourself in the position to be buying guns when he has been convicted of a felony in America.

I just hope the best for the guy, because I think he will grow as a human and learn from this experience.

Unlike most people in this country who have or will serve time. T.I. has more to come home to than just his family. He has an empire to build and young people to influence. From watching MTV’s reality show “TI‘s Road to Redemption” he has saved a few lives already. In the larger scheme the end justifies the means.

He saved a life.

Peace be with you T.I. inspire change in the youth.


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