Goal: Giving $1,000,000.00 fifty percent at a time.

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

I recently attended my first  Motor City Connect event in downtown Detroit at the Penobscot building. I had no idea the profound effect this event would have on my psyche.

The event was not particularly large in attendance, but the small number of people who were there made up for that hands down.  If I recall correctly,  about ten individuals where present.

I bet you want to know what was so moving about this particular Motor City Connect function? Well here is is. I met one of the founders of Operation Kid Equip (OKE), Manachem Kniespek.

The protocol for the this function was to introduce your self and your business, then state and action you are looking to solve. Because it is a social network, an individual could say he/she is looking to meet with an owner of a particular business, or searching for someone who requires a certain service, for their action.

After the introductions the general conversation began and somehow we began to discuss the needs of children in the Metro-Detroit area.  Manachem had great information about his company and the service they provide. As the conversation progressed I learned how deeply the children of Metro-Detroit are being affected by the economic shift we are experiencing currently.  For some reason, when economic issues are discussed in the media, we don’t really hear about the effects job loss have directly on children. This event put a face and age on the perspective. All the information I received that day cause my heart to swell.  I could not get out my mind the challenges Non-Profit and charities face when the economy take a turn for the worse.

I could not get out of my head so many people (children and families) were in dire need right now. It weight heavy on my mind for the last two weeks. I just kept thinking, how can I help? With so many charities to choose from, how do you choose?

I thought about it and thought about it, nothing viable came to me. Then I prayed on it. What do I have to offer? BAAM, like a blot of lighting it came to me.

I was so excited from the epiphany I couldn’t stop moving, I was that energized, and ready to go. Here is the plan, give away 50% of the profit from my book sales. Make it a mission to sell my inspiration book so that I may give to those who need.

For more information Please visit: Infinite Possibilities or emmittmuckles.com

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