Men Are Stupid…..and people want it that way.

Joan Rivers Rocks, at least for now.

Every where you look, TV, Internet, magazines, billboard, you name it. You will see the  stupid male figure portrayed as normal.  Television sitcoms, reality shows and the like give men in general a bad name.

Let me start with the proliferation of reality shows on television.  Particularly Tool Academy, Flavor of Love, Rock Of Love, and let’s not forget the love Ray-Jay. DESPERATION dressed up as normal.

If you were an alien learning about our culture from the various signals beamed into the cosmos, it would be a bleak representation of who we are as an evolved being. As an alien who decided to experience the culture first hand, it would not be hard to figure out how you would want to assimilate into the civilized culture of earth based and the information you have acquired from out media.

You would probably choose to be a woman, because men are portrayed as simpletons.

By the way, Kudo’s to Joan Rivers.

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