15 Pounds to lose is the hardest thing.


Well it’s hard if you live in America. For Three or four months I slaved away at the gym to stop the buttons from popping off of my 36 inch pants. After some time had passed, little progress had been made.

The reason was simple, I was eating the same as I always had, the American diet. It’s funny cause I can hide some serious food too.

I was lifting weights, (Which makes you want to eat more), and doing cardio at least three days a week.

Now, my schedule is unlike most. (Rick Ross Everyday I’m Hustling). I am basically a seven day a week guy, every single day of the week there is a predetermined time slot for various responsibilities, but I was able to get the workouts in. It was not until I started to use LEAN Cusine as my meal plan that the weight started to roll off. I dropped about 15 pounds.

Then it happened, I switched jobs. For about two months I did not work out and the diet went to shit. Needless to say I gained 11+ pounds back, compounding the fact then holiday season of 2010 hit with Turkey, Christmas parties and etc.

Now I am a little pissed , cause I fell off the wagon. In the last month I realized how dam hard it is to eat health in this wonderful country of America.

No More Damit!
I am going to get back to my 5~6 meals a day of no more than 260 calories per meal, and try my best to workout at least 3x per week.
I really wish I could stick to the P90x routing, but finding the time is a trick within itself.
Last week I looked at some pictures of myself taken at a party and thought ” Is my face really getting that round?” The answer: Yes it is.

At 44 years old I don’t want to be in the 90th fat percentile.

The thing is we have to do it by any means necessary. Because fat makes you look and feel older than you actually are, and I don’t want to age quicker than I have to. Shoot, from the age of 25 to now seems like a blurr, and I am closer to 100 than I will ever be to 25 again.

Do what you have to, buy a scale, push back from the table, buy smaller plates, jog in place during your favorite sitcom or reality show. Just get it Done. I know I will.

Be Bless, live simply.

Emmitt Muckles

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