Once upon a time in Detroit, it was a no brainer attending the Auto Show in Detroit. That was before it became the NORTH AMERICAN AUTO SHOW…Tadaaa.

Detroit Autoshow At a Glance

Detroit Autoshow At a Glance ( Emmitt Muckles- Photographer)

Pictures from the auto show

See when I was a child, there was a large percentage of my family who were employed by the automotive industry.   Namely the BIG Three automakers. Well we know know some of the big 3 in today’s terms have little to do with North American or Detroit.  Who cares, the Auto show is here. I digress, Therefore we got access to free tickets to the auto show because of family/employer affiliation.  Our entire family would attend this event in January. Well it happened again, I don’t work for the automotive industry, but I do work for the Solar energy  industry. Somehow my company has a relationship with an electric car company, and guess what? I got free tickets….Yahoooooo!

I am such a geek, that upon entering the Detroit North American Auto Show, the automobiles didn’t even catch my eye. I was busy looking at the technology for the large wall L.E.D matrix displays which seem to be everywhere. I spent a good half hour looking at the technology and wiring before I even looked at a single car.

The presentation was wonderful across the board. Displaying cutaways of components, and different explanations of the technology involved with today’s automobile was a mild nerdy wonderland for me. There was one observation that struck me. Most cars look very much the same. If there were no NAMES of vehicles, a person would not know who manufactured what product.

Overall, I loved the showing the automobile companies presented. I really wish the electric automobile companies had a better front in the marketplace. Let me just say it this was. I HATE GOING TO THE GAS STATION. Comprehensive electric cars cannot get here fast enough for me. because there are so many methods for me to control how I obtain fuel for an electric car.

GOOD Job Detroit at putting the show together, it took me back to when I was a little guy attending the auto show with every cousin we could fit in a car to transport us.  The only exception, back then we looked forward to the concept cars. Today our technology changes so rapidly, that the concept card is in production within two to four years. Talk about living in the future.

I snapped a few pictures, of which my favorite is the Audi performance cars. The TT & the R8..OH MY LORD, Sex on wheels.

Audi RS

Audi RS

All and all, I am still happy we have the ability to enjoy what we can do as humans in our endeavor to prosper.

There is one thing I learned at the auto show. Electric cars make no noise, so it is easy to get run down or run over.

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