The Blues…Monkey on your back….

I love listening to guitar driven blues music. I even played guitar in a blues band or two in my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I could understand how it could hit you from nowhere.

For about two week I had a bad spiritual presence around me, that has since dissapeared and is gone for good. I was heading towards a dark place. It all stemmed from a succession of event from work, snow storm, car troubles, bail money, no sleep and finally illness.

The illness was my test of will. I felt in my gut, once the crest of illness had gone better days were ahead. This was so true.

I was so sick at the end of this ordeal that I felt as if my Soul and body did not occupy the same space and time, but were on almost independent support systems.

Winter is a high time for having depression and the blues. Many people may titer on the edge of depression and wholeness, and the only thing keeping you straight is nothing going wrong.

There is just one thing you have to keep in mind. The next moment has a higher probability of being good, than not.

I learned a long long time ago not to ask ” what else can happen?” Now I know ” It can only get better!” Even when times are already good.


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