Occupy New York, or Occupy yourself

It is obvious our financial system and social paradigm is out of sorts in America.

I have been keeping tabs with the Occupy New York movement. To me it is about time people began to protest the crazy crap the political/financial system, hell it’s about time people protest the idiotic non virtues of our society. Here America, the most abundant country in the world exist one of the worst education and health care systems. We live in a country where more food is thrown away than consumed. This is unbelievable. People are walking away from their homes because ther is no hope of ever paying the balance to zero.

We are living in absurd times. There is Occupy Detroit ( My city), Occupy New York,Paris, London and various other cities across the land because people are fed up.

There is ONE OBVIOUS PROBLEM. There is no ends to justify the means, there is no leader.

For this movement to be fruitful, there must be a concise agreement of the terms. Yes we have issues with 1% controlling the wealth, but what is the solution. Without a solution, or a demand to be resolved, the protest is just a bunch of people literally occupying space while being a little pissed off.

I have stated this and the importance is dire, You have to know exactly what you want before you get it.

Please don’t get me wrong, I feel their plight, but an objective is required.

Love you all Emmitt

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