Gas Prices are too high still

This post was originally written in 2011 but it’s still relevant.

I understand there are thing in life external to my being, I cannot control, BUT,gas prices are to dam high.

I purchased a 2007 toyota Yaris because the minivan I was driving was eating me up financially. On occasion I require a larger vehicle to transport my DJ gear around, but it was cheaper for me to down grade my gear to accommodate the change in cargo space of my Yaris.

I live in Michigan, where the mass transit system is HORRID, the Jobs are not centralized, and you have to have a automobile to function. The living normal; not uncommon for a Michigander to travel 30+ miles one way just to get to work. YEP, I am ranting. My little Yaris has 35+ mpg in the winter and almost 40 MPG in the summer, with an eleven gallon fuel tank. Gas prices currently are $3.25 a gallon here right before Christmas. That means @ $33+ dollars a week if I got from home to work and maybe two trips to the grocery store or something. Minimum $132 a month, $1584 a year. Heaven forbid if I had a car with less than 34 mpg. How are people doing it with these cars of lower MPG, and making $3 or $4 dollars over minimum wage. I would gladly ride a train, bus , share a ride if I could. Gas at $2.00 a gallon looks freaking fantastic right now.

Even electric cars look good to me, but the initial price tag is too high, and forget if you require battery replacement, drop another $8K.

It is a systematic dismantling of the middle class, one stone at a time, because the price of fuel affects everything we buy, from our food, televisions and the list is endless.

You know what, Life is Great and I am still happy and grateful I live in this country. I have the privilege to bitch about things that seem to SUCK, and actually still have an automobile.


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