A picture is worth a 1000 emotions


They say words are powerful, and can cause the creation of worlds, but i don’t think words can match the power of a single picture to reveal the truth in our lives.

Even though the most deceiving tool we as humans have at our disposal is our eyes, these light gathering devices can help push us in a need direction of change when gauging ourselves. How many people have you ever heard state the reason they became conscious of their health and remained committed after seeing a picture of the physical change noted after seeing a picture of themselves. Seeing ourselves in a physical mirror can be and is a measure in deception. Mirrors are too limiting and display a level of realtime bias based on our state of mind and chemical/emotional brain state. The other measure our human brains have a problem with is gauging very slow change. For instance, I had not how much I have changed since I initially got married until I revisited my wedding video. OMG!!! I was one skinny being, my skin was so different.

Every few years I am caught off guard by seeing a picture with my gut prominently requiring more real estate than I am humanly comfortable representing in the physical world. What ensues next is my half assed attempt to exercise more, which I accomplish and either get too thin to where I abandon the effort to find the right picture size.

I am not a HUGH human, but body image or body perception counts for a great deal in our society, sad but so dam true. What is a human to do?
So I pledge to find the right weigh (197lbs ~204lbs water weight accounted for) to live my life.

I have to use more than my eyes to gauge my appearance and changes in life.

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