Chicken Fried or Jeans That Fit Just Right

I love this song for one simple reason. It is a simple song that speaks of what a true good life “FEEL” like. Living is about experiences, those are the things we take with us, the Memories of life. When I listen to The ZAC Brown Band, anyone and I mean anyone can’t help but feel good, unless you got some serious uptight issues.

Peace love and Beer….

Chocolate and Happiness

This song always brings me spontaneous good mood. Zac Brown sings about the simple things in life. Fried chicken, good music from the radio, family, a beer on a friday night and of course not to forget the pair of jeans that fit just right.

Isn’t that one of the most incredible things? Very rare but if you look for them long enough, you will find them. The pair of jeans that fit just right. They actually fit so right, you don’t event want to take them off when you go to bed at night. Most every woman will know that feeling of finding jeans that fit just right. If you are lucky they will also fit with most of your tops, sweaters and blazers. You can wear them for a visit at your local bar, a dance night with the girls or to the office. Isn’t that just amazing?…

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One thought on “Chicken Fried or Jeans That Fit Just Right

  1. Emmitt! You are one crazy cat! I didn’t really picture you as a ZBB fan when I first met ya, but now I see it! I’m actually not a huge country fan, except for old school, outlaw stuff but, that album is amazing. Have you seen them do a cover of ‘Devil went down to Georgia’? It’s straight gangster. TTYL cuz! Keep the faith! – SID

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