What the F#^k happen to us.

Nick Cannon in white Face.

Johnny Weir

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian uproar

Rampant self absorption and  bitchassness in America.

HELP MY SANITY, I just want to turn on the Television and be somewhat entertained without having my intellect insulted.

So I watched Blue Jasmine to see what the hoopla was all about from the Oscars (which I did not watch), thanks to Netflix. Left unimpressed after the viewing Blue Jasmine. I must say Cate Blanchett did a great job playing a delusional white woman who fell hard to the economic status of most Americans. The movie, Blue Jasmine was one of those occasions where the previews misled me, or maybe was pissed a bit because I just did not like the ending of the movie.  The movie left me uninspired, not really entertained, but I did like the acting. I give it THUMBS DOWN. (Just my opinion)

After watching Blue Jasmine I tuned my TV to NBC because its one of the best HD channels my DIY HD antenna receives. With nothing better to do until my engagement later in the evening, I watched Access Hollywood and quickly began to contemplate suicide, because of the most useless information ever to be broadcast on syndicated national television.

People should be in an uproar by the sheer mindless unimportant bullshit these so called media people produce. I could give an absolute shit about Anna Wintour’s decision to place Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue magazine. Many of the people in the United States don’t have access to the products in Vogue magazine anyway so, who cares who is on the cover. Most people don’t buy the magazine anyway.

Here is the conversation of any substance concerning  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in my circles, and it is in the form of a single question. “Why would you marry and have a baby by the chick who is in your circle for having video sex with a D-list celebrity and having a huge booty?” end of conversation.

I should have just turned on Pandora instead while throwing darts , but I didn’t, Access Hollywood then showed some guy Johnny Weir and the abuse he suffered by his husband. While domestic abuse is not tolerable and I wish no one in this world should ever experience, why do we care specifically about Johnny Weir?

There is a someone in this country who is suffering serious domestic abuse with no where to go because of family obligations, a crappy financial situations or limited opportunity. Why don’t these programs show stories about these people who are suffering, they are just as important as Mr Johnny Weir. Do something to stop domestic violence like providing jobs and education for people to really have the ability to pull themselves up by their boot straps. Do something like give them boots first, metaphorically speaking.

People are tripping because Nick Cannon did a comedy skit in whiteface, while I thought it was silly of him, there are some serious issues in this country, see previous paragraph. People are still losing their homes, don’t have health care or can’t sign up for health care.

Maybe I’m just being pompous and these television shows help everyday American people see everyone has issues, problems and drama in their lives. I witnessed all this on television while I was practicing my dart throw.

Maybe, I’m just noticing America has dropped its standard and the only thing we produce of well is obesity, sports, gossip, and war, instead of quality of life and freedom to pursue happiness.



One thought on “What the F#^k happen to us.

  1. I find some self joy in not having any idea who Johnny Weir was before this post. (I guess he is the abuser, not the abusee? It’s his husband that is going into the battered wife’s class. (Now I know much more than I wanted to about him.)

    There was a time that TV was a place to escape for an hour or two. Use that magic box to live through someone else’s life. Now it’s known as the media and they’ve figured out the formula to make the once temporary escape and permanent reality. Maybe to shadow what’s really going on in life or just to make that hard earned dollar.

    Great post! Now, how do we give that majority a slap up side the head and remember what “real life” is all about?

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