Mike Hintz – Discover your best life

Book Synopsis – Discover your best life


After a life spent studying people and business, Mike has developed a completely novel process that will take the reader through a systematic method to leave their old limitations behind and capitalize on the limitless opportunities of this fast paced high tech world. Everyone holds the keys to success and the race for happiness and professional fulfillment is as close his or her own choices. Forward-thinking companies realized several years ago, that the power of the individual is their greatest resource, and investing in them will yield exponential returns for the person and company alike.

In Discover Your Best Life the process of IAM2 offers each reader the opportunity to capitalize on his or her own hopes and dreams to fuel the journey. Insight (I) is the springboard to the process with an invitation to look inward and discover themselves. Using his own moments of discovery and growth, the author gives a personal framework to build on. Action (A) is always the difference between stagnation and progress. It is the crucial second phase of the process where the reader will engage in several activities to refine and focus their efforts in productive ways. My Metaphor (M2) will culminate in shedding the old definitions and choose a metaphor that represents the true potential of the reader, releasing many of the old limitations to creativity, innovation, and personal and professional fulfillment.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you looking for strategic ways to build your company’s ability to innovate and become more competitive in today’s global marketplace? Discover Your Best Life shows you how to unlock your own innovative potential and those of the people around you. Contrary to what you may have been told, there is an “I” in the word team, and it’s time to release their full potential rather than asking them to blend in.

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Check out this episode! From The Billionaire Life Style.


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