Nothing to Hide, Everything to fear Black in America

There was a statement in:

The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

By Upton Sinclair

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

As I look at my Facebook timeline, I see an incredible amount of posting concerning the  rampant civil rights of many American citizens. Of these posting the majority are People of Color.

There was an old statement from the american 1960 which stated “The Revolution will not be Televised”. Thanks to social media the revolution will not be televised but posted  via the internet, But, I don’t think so, the tipping point is upon us.

Civil Rights 2.0 may be required to  suffer a great deal more collateral damage to really get the attention of the American Public. My reasoning : The majority of Americans are way too comfortable in whatever level of lifestyle and far too timid to change anything, besides the channel.

Police are killing people unjustifiably. The reason we have not seen an outrage of mass scale are for several reasons.

1. The killings not close enough to any large group to make a significant social impact. ( sad but true)

2. Too many people believe verbatim the presentations on television and media.

3. The I’M Good factor ( which means it ain’t directly affecting me).

Since Trayvon Martin’s death I can stop thinking about the growing number of senseless beatings and murder aimed dominantly at American men of color.

Its crazy when a person freaks out a little just to see a police officer while driving, simply because an encounter with a police officer may be fatal to one’s health.

Thinking back about a year or so, the topic of  bullying was all the rage. This is the ultimate for of being bullied. Where are those people who were making noise then? Hip Hop  and marginalized people have been reporting inappropriate police behavior of this nature for years and people dismissed or ignored their claims because it did not have an impact on the dominant society. I  seriously ask you, what are we to do to address this murderous situation? Is it not enough to enslave people in the for profit prison industrial complex, because if you read the constitution there is ONE legal form of slavery in America. So since the prisons are at capacity just start killing people of a particular ethnic demographic unjustly.

In my head, in my heart, I just want to have the opportunity to strive for and live the American Dream without being paranoid of those who are slated to Protect and Serve.


I pay for dumb shit!

I had been complaining inwardly about the content present on my television set for months. At least once a week I was saying, “How can I have 600 plus television channels, and nothing that I want to watch”.

Let me give you some information about me. I’m a little odd in the American male lexicon. I don’t like to watch sports on television and rarely talk about or care, what professional sports team is pitted against who. Sports stats bore me, most television movies are boring or I have seen them before (why watch it again, RIGHT!) or just have little interest because I critique the screen play, direction, acting, effects and accuracy of the presentation. Basically i’m a media snob. I do like music videos, documentaries and concerts on cable TV be they seem to be dwindling too in acceptable content.

To be honest I was keeping my “X” cable providers content levels because my daughter liked certain show and could watch them on here various devices. That was until I received my latest bill which was $168 and some change, $20 dollars higher than the month previous.

WTF, was my reaction as I witnessed my newly emailed cable television bill. Needless to say, my geeky side took over and I calculated what 168 multiplied by 12 represented. $2016 a year. That can buy a great deal of good experiences in my life. $2016 a year for the CHANCE to find something interesting on television. Granted this includes my high speed internet, but shoot, that is just a bit too much money for me. I need my internet so I can get news, blog , watch TED talks, but “never” watch porn.

So , I was all set to get rid of my cable television altogether (except the high speed internet of course) until I called the cable company and was talked down off the ledge, by being offered a lower package. So my bill was dropped in price by 50 percent before taxes and fees. I am a little happier, except they took away some of the stations that I loved the most, for instance VH1, Fuse, MTV, and a few other channels, but I still have Showtime and HBO, go figure. To add insult to a minor injury, my beautiful Samsung HDTV is fed with standard definition signal from my replacement new weeny cable box.

There is one caveat, I searched YouTube and built a DIY HD Television Antenna. It’s ugly, but hot dam does it work for local television stations, 70 channels in all, and they are beautiful uncompressed HD quality.

My HD TV antenna

My DIY HD TV antenna

So when I hunker for HD, and a choice of programming my options are :

  • Netflix (Streaming and DVD)
  • Redbox
  • Local Video Store
  • Apple TV
  • Computer turned into a media center
  • iPad/iPod touch
  • Playstation 3

I think its only a matter of time before I just junk the idea of having Cable TV to watch content anyway, at least until this season 3 of Showtime’s House of Lies is done. It would be awesome if I could just purchase rights/subscription to certain television content providers, but that is not available yet.

For now I feel better, but with each passing day my television is becoming my stereo/media center, computer screen.

The motto for 2014, Just let it go, if it takes more than it gives.

Luv Ya

Peace, Love and Darts and Beer


30 days to transformation

I cannot stress enough how 30 days, one month, four weeks or however you want to size it up is the key to personal transformation.

There is a book titled the Greatest Salesman in the World, authored by Og Mandino which was recommended to me by my uncle Rashid some years ago. This book delivers a method of change in appreciation for anyone who my be a little off their perspective path or require guidance without being preached to.


I suffered some emotional ups and downs in my life and you wonder if it will ever end when experiencing an emotional storm. I can truly attest how a simple 30 day practice of change is transformational. BUT, there has to be commitment to change.
Here are a list of things that can be transformed in 30 days with the correct method and dedication:

  • Your Physical body for the better.
  • Your outlook on any given subject.
  • Your health mental and physical.
  • Your addiction (eradicated).
  • Your entire being.
  • Your Love life.
  • As a matter of fact I had feelings of despair, thinking the world absolutely is horrible, only to have a small change redirect my focus in a blink of an eye. If magic is available in that manor, just think what magic you could experience in 30 days.

    Stay so fresh and so Clean cause ain’t not body dope as you.


    Job’s, Unemployment and America

    We all complain about having to go to work. Work or having a job is necessary for the masses  to sustain a somewhat comfortable life. I too have these debates internally about working or a job. Most individual have never asked themselves, “What can I do for a living which would fulfill my life and soul with joy?”.

    I have asked myself that very question and sought out that answer, except there is one problem. It’s not just one thing, or my opinions change depending on my life experience. This question is important for all of us to keep asking.

    What typically occurs for most humans in America is we settle for what seems to be the easiest, like water down a hill. There is the problem directly. We get a job, putting our future and life and control in the hands of a few people. This is not a bad thing really, but there are alternatives. The alternatives depend on you method of thinking.

    Once upon a time in America it was not necessary to attend college, that was then. Now being employed in the middle class requires most people to prove ones self by buying into debt with a college education, which still holds no promise of future earnings. For instance my daughter will exit college $140,000 in debt at the age of 22. WTF!

    At the turn of the 19 century, a person could lean a trade as an apprentice. There one could test the waters, gain experience and perfect a craft. Your education was traded for time not dollars and time. Where can a person become a viable apprentice out of high school in today’s society.

    Our primary education system is no help to steer individual in the direction of having many options for employment today. The American education was designed to prepare the immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world to have the basic qualification as modern work force. Many individuals immigrating to America had very low education and many could not do the basics of reading, writing or common math. Our education was designed to give citizens the basics, nothing more.

    What is the American Dream today?

    What is the American Dream today?

    The dream for many early American citizens was to provide for themselves and their family. These people wanted to be their own boss. What happened to that spirit? We are trained to work for other, buy from other but not do for ourselves.  Many people use the biggest argument of having health insurance. It is an excuse for most of us. We must stop it.

    We need to change our mode of thinking. We need to figure our what would bring us joy as an occupation, while serving the public and eventually employing at least 5 to 10 people.

    Create a job don’t look for one. Live frugally. It has taken me years to figure this out, and now I can’t look back. I am constantly looking at the world to see how I can provide joy to the world and value in my life.

    Think about a good business owner who has 3 employees. That business owner helps to feed the square root of 3 or 9 people minimally, no to mention how much positive influence the business owner spreads.

    Create  more, consume less, create your own job.

    Enjoy, your life


    That is how change is carried out.

    WOW it’s quiet…Then GOD Spoke…whispered

    Life in my reality has been really noisy for years, and I did not know it. Thing about noise is we can get use to external sounds and not understand that when we think life is quiet, there is still too much noise. To name a few, TV, radio, people, engine, tire, ringing ears, emotions are all thing creating much noise.

    Yeah, I know that last paragraph was a handful and kind of abstract to most people, but stay with me.

    Everywhere we go there is noise. Sounds are assaulting our ears at any given time. I never understood this until I had to sit in my residence after removing all the excess physical belongings accumulated over 15 years of living in my so called palace. Life got complicated and I needed to get simple, you know go minimalism. As I sat in my empty house in the middle of the night I noticed silence has sound and it can be deafening.  I was determined to find true peaceful silence.

    Can you hear the seeds move?

    I did find there was a time, for me when the noise of the material world diminished to levels where I could perceive the intelligence of things unnoticed and everything in between. That connection to the absence of physical sound came one morning when the noise in my head had been too loud emotionally the night before. It was brought to me by whispering aloud to myself, “What and I going to do?” One morning  by my empty garage,  without a sound, for a lack of better description it came to being, “Do not worry, this time has passed you will be new.” All I had to do was ask. There it was in a microsecond, then it was gone. The feeling was permanent.

    After that experience, the task of hearing without sound became extremely important in my life, the experience of  being able to feel and connect with a new dimensionallly or rarely tapped sense became  important. It is hard to put into words but some of you may understand what I am talking about.

    One thing it made me act upon is shutting the Fuck up and listening more to people, and life. Let the organic speak to me.

    After this experience, this polished media world turned grey, and the ability to see bullshit value in an instant became really clear.

    God somehow spoke to me, actually whispered and continues to do so. I just have to recognize the language and message.

    However you picture GOD,  it’s personal to you, and I respect that. Currently I believe internally there is  a better understanding of GOD being everything. Alpha and Omega is much clearer.

    All I can say is if you seek the “quiet” enough to be able to ask your important question, please have the patience to let the quiet settle. The answer will come.


    The Dam Fiscal Cliff

    I just don’t get it. I try my best to keep my household as far away from any kind of cliff, real or metaphorically.

    Several months ago, 36 month to be exact I realized there was a serious problem in my house hold. The problem was I was spending almost as much as I was making. You see these kind of Cliffs don’t sneak up on you, most of the time we just turn a blind eye, and speculate that we will always make more money from somewhere. Our government not only seem to turn a blind eye, they just stopped looking.

    In my life the people that call themselves minimalist seem to be on to something. Looking at my credit cards I was making payments on things I could not remotely remember buying. There were the automatic 1, 3, 6 and yearly renewing items cropping up in my finances, cable bill, car payment(s), and a host of pocket drainers. Before the Cliff got to close I made changes. I used my friend Sara as a model, eBay, craigslist and the local bulletin boards became my new friends. I sold so much stuff, my wife started nailing things down. As time progressed debts began to dwindle to a very manageable and comfortable level. I even had my cable turned off for some months. You would be surprised how a homemade HD TV antenna can save you $1200 + a year. I learned how to make the HD antenna from youtube, its awesome.

    It seems our government should do the same thing, take a hard look at what they really are spending the money from each paycheck jacked from the people still working and those on unemployment. Sell some of the crap we have sitting around (not land or people), and pay off the debts. At least charge whoever got us into these wars, jeez other police departments get paid. Or we could just bully the other countries into forgiving the debt…just kidding.

    It really is a shame the government can’t get it together and budget things correctly and cut spending. There are single parents and intact families getting by on far less than the government has monetarily. I think if a family makes less than $40k a year that is considered under the poverty line. Then much of America is poor right now. America does not manufacture as much as it use to except obesity. I can figure out how I gained 10 lbs in two months either, go figure.

    Stop reporting about the Fiscal Cliff and stop the bus, close the door and do what you have to do. I know the government gets paid before any of its citizens get paid. So what is the problem, you got our money, put it to proper, and frugal use.


    Gas Prices are too high still

    This post was originally written in 2011 but it’s still relevant.

    I understand there are thing in life external to my being, I cannot control, BUT,gas prices are to dam high.

    I purchased a 2007 toyota Yaris because the minivan I was driving was eating me up financially. On occasion I require a larger vehicle to transport my DJ gear around, but it was cheaper for me to down grade my gear to accommodate the change in cargo space of my Yaris.

    I live in Michigan, where the mass transit system is HORRID, the Jobs are not centralized, and you have to have a automobile to function. The living normal; not uncommon for a Michigander to travel 30+ miles one way just to get to work. YEP, I am ranting. My little Yaris has 35+ mpg in the winter and almost 40 MPG in the summer, with an eleven gallon fuel tank. Gas prices currently are $3.25 a gallon here right before Christmas. That means @ $33+ dollars a week if I got from home to work and maybe two trips to the grocery store or something. Minimum $132 a month, $1584 a year. Heaven forbid if I had a car with less than 34 mpg. How are people doing it with these cars of lower MPG, and making $3 or $4 dollars over minimum wage. I would gladly ride a train, bus , share a ride if I could. Gas at $2.00 a gallon looks freaking fantastic right now.

    Even electric cars look good to me, but the initial price tag is too high, and forget if you require battery replacement, drop another $8K.

    It is a systematic dismantling of the middle class, one stone at a time, because the price of fuel affects everything we buy, from our food, televisions and the list is endless.

    You know what, Life is Great and I am still happy and grateful I live in this country. I have the privilege to bitch about things that seem to SUCK, and actually still have an automobile.


    Occupy New York, or Occupy yourself

    It is obvious our financial system and social paradigm is out of sorts in America.

    I have been keeping tabs with the Occupy New York movement. To me it is about time people began to protest the crazy crap the political/financial system, hell it’s about time people protest the idiotic non virtues of our society. Here America, the most abundant country in the world exist one of the worst education and health care systems. We live in a country where more food is thrown away than consumed. This is unbelievable. People are walking away from their homes because ther is no hope of ever paying the balance to zero.

    We are living in absurd times. There is Occupy Detroit ( My city), Occupy New York,Paris, London and various other cities across the land because people are fed up.

    There is ONE OBVIOUS PROBLEM. There is no ends to justify the means, there is no leader.

    For this movement to be fruitful, there must be a concise agreement of the terms. Yes we have issues with 1% controlling the wealth, but what is the solution. Without a solution, or a demand to be resolved, the protest is just a bunch of people literally occupying space while being a little pissed off.

    I have stated this and the importance is dire, You have to know exactly what you want before you get it.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I feel their plight, but an objective is required.

    Love you all Emmitt

    Appreciation…it’s the little thing that count.

    WOW! Every day I wake up with a joy in my heart and say thank you for letting my feet hit the floor, my vision, and every little item of comfort i get to experience. Then as I am smiling throughout my day I can’t help but notice the amount of people who don’t (at least outwardly) seem to give a dam about how good they have it.

    We as Americans and people of most progressive countries have it made and we don’t even know it. Think back to how humans live 100 years ago. The level of comfort was dismal compared to todays standards. Here is a list of daily items we take for granted.

    1.) Heat…we don’t have to chop wood
    2.) Food…we don’t have to hunt daily
    3.) Water we don’t have to go to the well then boil our water
    4.) Transportation….Just imagine if you had to ride a horse 30 miles every day.
    5.) Hygiene….People use to die because of disease was so rampant from poor hygiene
    6.) Education..Kid use to have to work the fields.
    7.) Electricity…When the sun went down so did you.
    8.) Information..Only select few were allowed to gain knowledge.
    9.) Freedom…There was a time when you could be persecuted for any little difference. There was once a time when we could not be with the people we love, because our spouse was chosen for us.
    10.) Comfort..I have found the poorest people in industrial nations have it easier (Greatly) than people in third world nations.

    Appreciate what little you have to be thankful for, cause there is someone who wishes they were in your situation. If you have issue with depression, heartbreak, or some similar mental/emotional setback, remind yourself the truth about life. All of this is temporary, particularly when times seem rough. So tie a knot in the rope of your life and keep hanging till it gets better.

    Be Full of joy and Blessed. Emmitt