Gas Prices are too high still

This post was originally written in 2011 but it’s still relevant.

I understand there are thing in life external to my being, I cannot control, BUT,gas prices are to dam high.

I purchased a 2007 toyota Yaris because the minivan I was driving was eating me up financially. On occasion I require a larger vehicle to transport my DJ gear around, but it was cheaper for me to down grade my gear to accommodate the change in cargo space of my Yaris.

I live in Michigan, where the mass transit system is HORRID, the Jobs are not centralized, and you have to have a automobile to function. The living normal; not uncommon for a Michigander to travel 30+ miles one way just to get to work. YEP, I am ranting. My little Yaris has 35+ mpg in the winter and almost 40 MPG in the summer, with an eleven gallon fuel tank. Gas prices currently are $3.25 a gallon here right before Christmas. That means @ $33+ dollars a week if I got from home to work and maybe two trips to the grocery store or something. Minimum $132 a month, $1584 a year. Heaven forbid if I had a car with less than 34 mpg. How are people doing it with these cars of lower MPG, and making $3 or $4 dollars over minimum wage. I would gladly ride a train, bus , share a ride if I could. Gas at $2.00 a gallon looks freaking fantastic right now.

Even electric cars look good to me, but the initial price tag is too high, and forget if you require battery replacement, drop another $8K.

It is a systematic dismantling of the middle class, one stone at a time, because the price of fuel affects everything we buy, from our food, televisions and the list is endless.

You know what, Life is Great and I am still happy and grateful I live in this country. I have the privilege to bitch about things that seem to SUCK, and actually still have an automobile.


Michael Jackson …The Brightest Star

I was engrossed repairing a Plasma screen 42 inch TV in my basement when my phone started blowing up with text messages. My first reaction was WTF!!! Did I win a million dollars and people are trying to let me know. NOPE! Michael Jackson had transitioned from this life to the next.

I though it was a joke, since I don’t watch much television, and had heard very little new of Mike in the last few years. Let’s just say it is still hard for me the phantom Michael Jackson has died.

Michael Jackson is the Elvis Presley times 10 of this generation. Let’s list what he has done.

  • Integrated MTV in the 1980’s
  • Sold more music than any artist.
  • Changed the landscape of media with video’s
  • Thought way outside the box.
  • Helped millions of people (we are the world)

These are just a few of the accomplishments.

The 1980 was a time of integration and transition. Segregation and separation was becoming a thing of the past. Michael Jackson and his family opened the eyes of prior generations to the fact that was are all just people at the end of the day. My earliest memories of the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson was when I was about 3 or four years old and the song “Who’s Loving you” I made my mother play the 45 over and over.

Mike had some issues in his life, but really we all do. This is a man who’s imagination and talent made the world a better place for so many people. It was not about color, religion, weight, or vanity. He was just Dam good at his craft. When I am DJing I can play a Michael Jackson song like “Don’t stop till’ you get enough” in any crowd and everyone will hit the floor, Does not matter if they are Black, White Asian, Latino or Blue. His energy poured into his craft was that good.

Hip-hop,and rap music of today should take a moment to thank Mr. Jackson for what he did. Because if it was not for the Thriller album and MTV these people may still be struggling to sell 500,000 copies of their music. Michael Kicked the barriers down to allow everyone access to music.

I attended a concert of The Jacksons back in the late 1970’s with a friend of my who was totally in love with Michael. She had every poster, album and article associated with him. It was a memorable event and made me just sit in awe.

You know, I don’t care what was going on in the mans (Michael Jackson) mind, because no one ever proved him guilty of anything, because when you make that much money the wolves will come after you anyway. I am not judging.

I am just very very happy and excited to have witnessed the life of Michael Jackson and his contribution to the energy of this earth. I just wish I could have been able to experience more of his work before he passed away.

My prayers go out to the Jackson family.


Social & Economic Reset..It had to happen.

reset-buttonGordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street declared that “Greed Is Good”.

Well Look where that got us. National household credit card debt that averages $5~10K on the low end, automobiles that are worthless as soon as you stick a key in the ignition, and housing prices that are worth 75% of what you owe to the financial institution.

We got hoodwinked into thinking that the upper class was available to everyone at any time. In that struggle to attain a certain level of life style we lost not only our financial way but our social foundation too.

I watched an episode of Oprah, where people were saying as soon as their financial class status changed their circle of friends changed.(DUH it’s called fair weather friend)

This is an endless topic, but several weeks ago I was having a pint with a friend who recently lost his job, when I began to explain:

This had to happen, this financial melt down. I informed him that at the rate of inflation, spending and population expansion, buy the time my seventeen year old daughter reached my age inflation would be deadly. My summation.

  1. Average suburban home ( nothing fancy) would cost $500,000.000 to $750,000.00 dollars ( Think Southern California but acr9oss the U.S.A)
  2. Gas & milk prices would be $8~$10 per gallon
  3. An automobile would cost $50, 000 for a small sedan.
  4. Insurance would be $4000~5000 a month for a family of three.
  5. A college degree would cost $200,000 or more dollars after four years.
  6. $50.00 Per hour would be a standard wage to be middle class.
  7. and communities would be privatized.

As my friend tipped back his drink and gently placed it on the bar, he gazed ant me and said, “You are absolutely right” . Then we began comparing the prices of things when we were teenagers versus today’s prices.

I watched Scarface of DVD recently and there was one notable scene. Tony Montana was looking to purchase a Porsche 928s, the sales person said the price was $18k. As yourself what kind of a new sports car can you get for $18k today.

We had to have a economic reset to keep out society stable.

Looking at the new here in Detroit all we hear about is GM, Chrysler, and Crime. GM had t file for Chapter ?? bankruptcy for the simple fact that before they made a dollar they had to pay 2 dollars out to pensions. You cannot run a long term business that way.

We have to rethink the who we are as people. We are not our stuff, things, or external physical representation. We are relationships, memories and emotional ties, basically family. We forgot that because we were busy working for stuff we could not afford and had not paid for.

Change and growth are very uncomfortable, but once it is over things are so much better.

Emmitt Muckles

LOOKING FOR A JOB IN MICHIGAN! Venting for the People.

I have a friend looking for a job in Michigan. : ( As a matter of fact now I have a great many friends looking for jobs in Michigan. Most of them tell me that it is a futile effort. The bottom just fell out of the basket and no one has a clue as to what  to do to correct the problems that come with not having enough money.  People just want a job that will allow them to maintain what they have, because many have mentally let go of the previous ideologies previously held.  SUV’s,  boats , summer homes up in northern Michigan are history.

It seems to me that the bulk of the people being laid-off are men. That is scary.

Why men, do you ask? Money is the answer. It’s not fair but men still make more money than women based on some statistics. Companies are not just cutting the fat, but the bone too. We are in a dire catch 22.

As I stated in another post, someone has hit the financial reset button in the United States.  My conspiracy theory friend  tells me at least once a week that it is a plan to get the world under one government and one monetary system. The way things are looking, I don’t think of him as crazy as I once did. NAHH, that couldn’t happen ; 0  .

There is a reoccurring them I hear often thought from guys with tons of experience but lacking a Bachelors degree.  Mr. X your resume is outstanding but we or (the company), were looking for someone with a degree.  Then other theme is; we were looking for someone with more experience specific to this position.

I hear this story from different individual a couple of time from various unemployed people.  WOW!

What are we all to do, the role of provider is shifting, therefore the natural order will shift too.

Tell me your story about the economy. One thing is for certain have faith and the future will be bright.

What happened to Michigan, and the United States?

1913_logoIf you live in Michigan, the poster child of declining home values, loss of jobs, and bad road surfaces. You may have some serious issues.

There are a great deal of people who are unemployed here in Michigan. Most of us think this started with the Bush administration. NOPE!

Some think it started with the Clinton administration. Could BE…..Nope!

It reaches much further back, to a land long, long ago, where the hair was long and the pants were called bells. That’s right people this goes back to the 1970. The era of Richard Nixon, old Tricky Dick himself. All the other administrations after Nixon just added fuel to the smoldering fire to get us to this point.

What did President Nixon do to set thing into motion? It’s a really simple thing, Nixon detached the dollar from the gold standard. WOW! That was the straw that broke the camels back, but wait it started in 1913 with the ratification of the 16th amendment and the establishment of the Federal Reserve!

So what give our monetary items value now?

Check it out do the research!

Profiting: Nothing from Nothing Leaves….Nothing..Unemployed in Michigan

We have built a society that is virtual.

Most of the Money in our economy does not exist, it’s just a number on paper or a computer. Try to physically picture 1 trillion dollars, or 1 billion dollars, or 1 million dollars cash.

Money is the most virtual thing. Money is the reality of Keyser Söze from the movie The Usual Suspects. For so many years the economy in the United states has been robust. If you wanted to kill it with a shot gun the economy would have shrugged and kept progressing.

Let’s face it we were all caught up in the rapture of good times. I have seen reports for years stating (2001-2007) how the economy was slowing, Christmas sale numbers were down, and so on and so on.  For the most part people were in “WHAT EVER”  mode. SUV’s and $300,000 house were flying off the shelf.

The machine kept growing. Until…fall 2008. That was the blade coming down upon then head. The blade actually hit the flesh of the economy in November  2008, and has been making its way down to the bone as time progresses.

Time to get back to simplicity, because it is going to be an uncomfortable bumpy ride.

I figure in the back of most individuals minds people were thinking there would be a slowing down of the economy instead of a abrupt halt. The way in which new house were being built was astonishing, couple that with the amount of new consumer business’ being built and placed in to new areas who would have guessed.
In my informal inquiries it seem men are the most affected by the layoff. This makes since and it proves some facts about wage discrimination. Men typically earn more money than women, so if you are going to get very lean, start at the top of the heap those who make the most money, MEN.

Informal exercise, visit the local unemployment office and tally the men VS. the women.

If you are unemployed, your task is to learn something new to get another job, move out of state, of do what you were doing as an occupation, except independently.

The statistics  from the Great Depression, unemployment nationwide was approximately 25%.

1930~1939 lower 48 states

Population 123,188,000 , if 11% were unemployed equals 135,50,680, at 25% =30,797,000

Car Sales: 2,787,400

Average salary: $1,368

United StatesPopulation: 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.) if 11 percent of the population were unemployed today that would be 33,420,710 out of work

If you compare the numbers above we have surpassed the numbers of unemployed people from the great depression era. Of course there are other factors to consider about the populations of yesterday and today, but hopefully you understand my point.

Time to do what you do best, only this time for yourself and efficiently.

This is the time to proper, but differently than we did previously.


Rooting for Hip-Hop’s T.I.



I have been a DJ for at least 10 solid years now. I have seen changes in the music chart landscape. In the late 90’s through the middle of the the first decade of the millennium Hip-Hop dominated the charts. Then as is the norm the pendulum swings too far to one side for too much time.

The Pendulum swing was the focus of hip hop’s sub-genre of Dirty South/Crunk and all that follows. To me the music was a great reflection of a region, but as with music companies they milk the cow until blood comes out of the udders.

I began to despise music from the south, not simply for the lack of imagination and the proliferation of simplistic chants that numbed my neurons, but it was just too dam SLOW in BPM.

There are exceptions to the rule, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, and my personal favorite, T.I.

T.I. has captured my attention from the first time I heard 24’s. I thought the song “24’s”  chant/hook was catchy. This was before southern music began to grind my inner ear like a Q-tip stuck in a little too far. I found, I genuinely liked what this guy was producing. With each promo I received T.I. music caught my ear. To top things off his song was the featured as the main track on my favorite video game, Need for Speed Underground. Gotta love it.

It’s a hard thing for me to admit, but game recognize games, T.I. is an impressive cat to me. I would catch interviews, and such on Fuse or MTV, and the guy just struck me as a person who places thought into his actions, a person who tends to think before he acts. I was impressed, and it is rare for anyone in the public to leave a lasting impression upon me.

When I heard of this cat T.I. getting arrested on felony gun charges, I wasn’t shocked. I just figured there has to be something rational behind it. There wasn’t. T.I did something dumb, based on an emotional fear.

I did not want to let go of this dude being my favorite in the current hip hop stable, because one the most important aspects of me digging this guy is his positive swagger and good fruit I have seen from this guy. Let’s face it though T.I. is not a big burly dude like 50 cent, who wears a bullet proof vest, and we all know too well in the Hip hop world people are going to test this man swagger often because of his industry and status. I forgot to mention that his best friend was killed when some guy ran up on then after an altercation at a Ohio nightclub. I understand why this guy wanted as much fire power as possible at his disposal.

It still remains to be said that it was a dumb decision to place yourself in the position to be buying guns when he has been convicted of a felony in America.

I just hope the best for the guy, because I think he will grow as a human and learn from this experience.

Unlike most people in this country who have or will serve time. T.I. has more to come home to than just his family. He has an empire to build and young people to influence. From watching MTV’s reality show “TI‘s Road to Redemption” he has saved a few lives already. In the larger scheme the end justifies the means.

He saved a life.

Peace be with you T.I. inspire change in the youth.


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