AssBackwards Approach


Doing things backward

I looked at starting or should I say re-branding my self hosted website The reason was to have the freedoms I could not deploy on hosted website That Guy, Emmitt’s Weblog.

I really liked having my blog on, but the limitations prevented me from moving forward as a blogger and podcast, being able to manipulate my own content. To start, I have been a podcaster since 2007 on various platforms with various shows in iTunes and podcast directories. Podcasting the way I produce content did not lend itself well to the hosted sights.

I just could not figure out how to include in the fold for my new information about wonderful living and the fruits of life.

My new selfhosted blog at which is also directed to the theme is running great. The one thing I miss is the connection to the community of bloggers, who are awesome for feedback and encouragement.

So what I should have done was start a new blog hosted under, then move to a self hosted.  I have come to the conclusion, That Guys Emmitt’s weblog. and The Billionaire Lifestyle Blog and podcast will have to exists as cousins.

So if you follow me here, please take the time to visit me on my new site, where I blog and audio podcast. You can find it @ and .

The site is not about money but value of Life.

Thank you all for your support.


Emmitt “The Billionaire Lifestyler” Muckles