How does an Ant eat and Elephant?

The best I could find....What can I say you get itOne Bite at a time is how an Ant eats and Elephant.

Have you ever made a New Years resolution only to break it. Start a diet and not lose any weight, make a big personal promise and not keep it? Well that may be because you did not utilize the correct approach to obtaining your goal.

Sometimes we forget the most important lessons we have learned or that stare us in the face.  From years of trial and error I have finally resolved to lose my wanting for the quick fix approach towards personal endeavors.

From building my DJ business, and various other situation, I have come to understand how time and perseverance and planning are the way to reach your goals.

For instance P90X, I though I would buy the program, jump right into it and have a beach body in no time.


Just the opposite occurred. I couldn’t make it 1/4 of the way through the first DVD. I started and I stopped for several months. Then I thought whats the rush, it’s winter and I have time.  Therefore I formulated a plan.

My plan was to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Instead of beating myself up and being discouraged  because I could not make it through an entire P90X DVD session, I mapped out my attack .  I figured some is better than nothing, therefore I planned to do each of the DVD’s workouts for a minimum of 30 minutes a day or half of the allotted time for a week  then adding 5 or ten minutes to each workout per week until I could perform the full routine. It’s working so far.

This is life’s biggest mountain to climb for most of us. We see the destination, but don’t anticipate the journey being so rough. Sometimes you just have to add some novice cushion until you get the experience at trying to be a pro. Things take time. Granted there are all sorts of naturally gifted people, who make life look easy. Trust me they too had to take small steps to begin the journey to the destination.

So the next time you try something and your performance is not exactly what you expected. Stop, plan, and implement a method to help you obtain your goal in your own time and space.

Really there is only one person to prove yourself to when tackling a new “IT”, and that is you.

How does and ANT eat and Elephant? One Bite at a Time.

Be bless


OMG! Did you Listen to what you just said!

I cannot believe the things people say about themselves and towards them self. People are so demeaning, , not toward other people but about who and what they are subconsciously. Here are just a few things I have heard people say when referring to themselves:

  • I am So F%#King Stupid.
  • I always mess stuff up.
  • Sorry that is just the way I am.
  • I can’t loose this weight, I’m just fat.
  • Why would anyone want to be with me.
  • Sorry,sorry, sorry.

The list goes to infinity.

OMG! It is depressing  so many people have such a low value placed upon their person. I am not taking about depressed people either. I am referring to the average everyday individual. These are people that you know too. For Instance; the worker at Boston Market, Guy sitting next to me at the bar during a dart tournament, Woman I was speaking with about DJing her wedding,  or some person asking me how to work the eliptical machine at the gym.
These are average everyday functional people. It does not end there everyone does it and if you do it enough those statments become truth.

Exercise: On Going

In the future listen to the statements that come out of your mouth. Then analyze them by asking yourself if it was a positive or negative affirmation.

Your best friend in your life is you. Treat yourself that way.



Chapter 2009….Unemployed in American….American Fables

Well it seems that I keep coming into contact with unemployed workers in Michigan. The better way to put it now is “Indefinite Layoff”.

We should have all seen this as it progressed towards us. Houses that were once considered mansions, teenagers with cars that most adults can’t afford, and Buy, Refi, Refi Etc,etc
We put all our eggs in one basket. I am guilty of this too. Concentrating of the easiest method of generating a lifestyle, and not really looking towards the future during times of tremendous change.

The foundation of the industrial machine that helped make America a great nation, has been snatched from under all of us. The problem is the American Cultural Mindset of More, More, More, Faster, Faster, Faster. It all reminds me of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.(We are the Hare)
We have been the Hare for at least the last thirty years. Remember the Hare from the fable, although the Hare had the better skill set,  his arrogance got the better of him, instead of focusing on the end result and what was require to finish the race, he let the race slip by, due to the lack of stead fast diligence.

Here is a quote from Emmitt. “The easiest thing to manage is that which is the simplest in composition.”

Is your life Simple as possible or complex? ( Baby mama drama, credit cards, Hi house payment, low financial income.)
We were busy chasing more money, when compared to a great percentage of the free world we have more money than we could really use. It is not entirely our fault, we all to some degree were the victims of skulduggery defined as:

skull·dug·ger·y or skul·dug·ger·y play_w2(“S0457000”)

Definition:Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.<!–//

The Grasshopper VS the Ant!
Skulduggery was done to make us consumers,  not savers or forward thinkers. Consumers drive production, the more consumption, more product to be made. It’s Psychological crack for the masses. All this started as soon as Television hit the market in the 1950’s. That gave the powers that be a direct programming pipeline into your home, therefore your life.
Limit Your Television Consumption! No More, “Tool Academy”.
Simplicity is the name of the game. Acquire what you need. Limit the acquisition of what you WANT.


flagOnce upon a time the United STATES of America use to be the at the forefront of civilization and innovation. We were the model of what the world could be with freedom of speech, and civil liberties. I fear that this is slowly being degraded and morphed into something other than what the founding father intended. I hear in conversations as I am out and about in social settings, people saying that they would move out of this country in a heart beat afforded the opportunity. This is due to the change in freedoms and liberties that they see are being eroded.

I began thinking about the gas prices, mortgage problems and various changes that affect the economic and household of many American.

The sumation was this. We in America, even on the lowest end, have a high standard of living for the most part compared to many other countries and nations. Most of us are live comfortable lives. For us to be part of the global community, the middle class must represent the median of the other nations who are also a part of that global community. Basically it is easier to lower our bar than to bring the bar higher for everyone else.

I am rather fond of have the independance that America once propagated as a nation. We innovated and prospered in industry, but it seems that our industry is being outsourced. That’s fine to a degree, then why don’t we retool for the millienum and prosper by innovating information to keep our economy afloat. Nooooo! Our country and civil liberties are being handled laike a company being purchased during a hostile acquisition. Where the sum total is being dismantled and sold. This is not good.

The people of this nation are unhealthy and not starving for anything, which has made us a target for the wolf to attack us with ease. It is time to retool our situation and refuel the passion that made this country great.

Several months ago I posted about the American Axel strike. That was exactly what I am talking about. We relied on big business to feed us, when it was the small business that made us.

If you look around your community the small grocery stores are being overrun by large bulk/ Mega/membership stores, where if you are not a member you cannot buy. I remember a time when you could spend weeks within a 1 mile radius of your home without a car because there were business that supported your community. This is no longer. Where I live in Metro-Detroit, if you do not have an automobile, you are doomed.

We were duped into keeping up with the “Jones” through Television & Media instead of living out out our personal destiny.

It is time to put the defibrillator on the pulse of each State of the United States, and bring this country back to the power of the people and the greatness our founders put forth in the American Constitution  and Bill of rights.

American Axle………view of things to come in america!

The UAW strike at American Axle in Detroit is causing problems for more than just people in Michigan. At least 29 automotive related plants and countless other support business are feeling the heat.Many years ago when I entered the job market, I wondered how high the union wage could venture forward. Well it seems as though my earlier question is staring to get answers, NOT MUCH!

Many worker with 10~ 20 years of experience have the potential of making $75k ~$100k plus yearly with overtime. Once an individual worker becomes accustomed to earning this type of wage it would be extremely difficult to adjust to a down grade in pay of 20% or more without some serious ramification. It is just the American way, to spend beyond our means. It is the way corporations survive.

[Let’s look at it from this perspective.

For example; You have been working for an automotive company and have currently worked your way up to $24.04 per hour, often overtime was offered, or even mandatory. Therefore during overtime you earn about 36.12 dollars an hour, unless it is on a Sunday or national holiday where it can be double time and a half for a UAW worker. This last number works out to be $72.12 and hour for at least eight hours of the worked day. It is not too hard to see how many workers could get very use to living above the means. The problem is that the US automotive industry cannot sustain this indefinitely, especially with competition from companies who do not have the long term overhead that GM, FORD, and Chrysler hold in the form of pensions, compensations and health care for its workers. This is the only game in town for UAW workers to make this kind of living, without having an university degree and some working experience under their belt.

These workers have to fight for these wages because if they go without a fight, it will be another fissure in the wage breakdown of America.

I hate to say it but I have seen this day coming a long time ago. I personally have friends and relative that have worked under the United Auto Workers Union. To me I see it like being drafted into the NBA. You get the big $ contract but in the long you can’t live at that level, Unless you have built some other income stream or business, once the team trades you or sells the stadium your out of luck.

Our UAW industrial model for workers is not even 70 years old, and already it is out of date.

I think that a corporate and country wide economic reset is in the works and American Axle is just company one in a line to take drastic measure. Remember Ford did it with a serious buy out. Other companies will not be so nice.

we all better get ready because the ride is just starting. Look at the housing market in many states, someone has hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL on the middle class.

I don’t know what to expect anymore …Just living the the fabulous life of Emmitt Muckles the best I can is enough work. Then, I often say prayers for everyone else.

Rise and Fall… the occasion

bullseyeHey it Emmitt Muckles. My other websites tied to my business’ are & Check me out and drop me a line.

Enough with the preliminaries.

I was playing darts today and was inconsistent.

I participate in a weekly recreational league for soft tip darts.
Darts and the various games have been a passion of mine for at least 12 years. I stated playing because of frequenting a neighborhood bar in Metro Detroit. I think the name of the bar was called the Acoustic Cafe. At the Acoustic Cafe the owner organized a team to participate in the local league. He asked if I would like to join the bar’s team. I thought what the heck and said “sure”. After the first couple of league matches, I saw how serious these people (Dart players) were, and I was hooked.

Over the years I have played for various teams, bars and leagues during which my ranking has progressively gotten higher/better.
There is one problem I have found, which applied to general life. When I play on teams with lower skill levels than mine, my skill level drops. I have tried to analyze this and cannot figure it out.

When I am on these certain teams, I struggle to maintain my average of a bout 20~ 22 Points per dart. Conversely wnen I play on and against teams with higher profile player in 301, 501 and cricket ( which are dart specific games), I seem to flourish.

This scenario applies to general life, if you are around individuals,groups and environments where the expectation is high, it is a natural for your your composure and competence will elevate.

I have been experimenting with this concept of Hi/Low environments for at least three years, and I keep proving the point, to raise your skill level, involve yourself with environments and people that are have a bar that is equal or higher than yours level.

I think this is one of the many reasons I decided to write my first book; to raise my personal bar and change the dynamic of my life and those I come into contact with. My book is entitled ” the journey of one” by Emmitt Muckles…YEAHHH!

The goal for me and competitive soft tip darts or steel tip is to participate in the annual Las Vegas Desert Classic. Yes SIR! There I can experience the highest level of Play.

What the ???? DO WE Know?

I absorb knowledge like a sponge. Especially when I am passionate about a new topic or THING. My main passion is life and living.

I found that we interpret our situation and view life based on our pre-programmed conditioning. I see this every day of my life. The news and media programs tell us that times are depressed and hard. I actually don’t believe that to be true. I am experiencing and abundant and fruitful life currently and will continue to do so for a LONG, LONG…LONG time.

The reason, I choose my existence.
I took some time to think about the history of man on this planet. Most people in the 1st and second world countries have a basic level of abundance by proxy. Think about it, Our ancestors few of the comforts we take for granted.

We have:

  • access to health care
  • available clean water
  • available housing (for the most part)
  • abundance of food (a gentleman I met , stated that he choose to live homeless and survived as good or better than when he worked a 40 hours a week job. Then told me how he did it. Climate played a big part though.)

pretty huh! 310690074_76358f9a77_mwater.jpg Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals. Just thought I would add this picture.

    All we really need to live is protection from the elements(shelter), food, water, protection from danger, and mental stimulation to survive, like our ancestors. All the other stuff is creature comfort, of which I like a lot.

    bleepI am always taken in the a different thought direction after watching the movie “What the Bleep do we know.” I also love to watch the movie,”Conversations with GOD”.
    I begin to pick apart pieces of my current reality and wonder how much of the physical and material STUFF in my life is necessary for me to exist and progress. If I pick up my house, shook everything into a big garbage can (except my books and protective clothing. How would that change me and my passion for living.

Living inside the unreal Matrix!

I , You, We , US are living inside the Matrix. Actually I think of it as the garden of Eden, everything is here. I can do things now I thought were impossible when I was a child.

This world is a comic book with a blank canvas. Anything is possible.

Here is what is different in just 10 years time.

  • You can instantly contact almost anyone no matter where you or they are located.
  • Music is almost free in some form or fashion.
  • Anything is available 24/7, just have to look hard enough.
  • Could have a Great President who is African American.
  • Cars now tell you where to go when you are lost.
  • Most new televisions sit on the wall like paintings.
  • AND Gas is more expensive than Milk.WOW

Now you tell me this is not some elaborate software program we are living in. The kicker would be if it were obtained from Microsoft, MSMATRIX2.0


gratitudeDaily, my first few minutes of consciousness are special and magical. During this time I begin processing the environment that I have awaken to, and become a part of, my reality starts anew. In the precious few minutes before my feet hit the floor and I become engrossed with the day ahead of me. I begin a ritual that has become  habit.

I quickly sense the environment I have been given and promptly begin to give thanks. I thank the Supreme God of my life for giving me another day to live, then I proceed to shower the Almighty for the little things. A short list includes, My senses, family, health,wealth, fortune, Love ,intelligence and the list may continue for anything that comes to my mind.

Since I stated this practice (now habit) I have noticed my life has gotten much more fluid and easier. There is such a sense of peace and direction that flows from this simple, yet power ritual. The worries of days gone by are not an issue. I feel such a fulfilled measure of peace and harmony that is really hard to place words upon for description.

As an example I give thanks every time my phone rings with a prospective client. My phone started to ring more often lately as a result of my gratitude, bolstering my business.

I have heard all my life that gratitude can bring great things into my life, but until I started the daily practice I could never truly grasp the concept. If you want to see the fruits of this action try it for 7 to 15 days and see how your life will change. See how you will change.
After I have given conclude the first session of giving thanks, I then ask God to guide and clear the path for the journey of my day. Whatever that path may encompass I flow with it.

As my day progresses I have found myself giving thanks constantly, sometimes aloud and other moments with my mental voice. The fruits of this practice are limitless. It is not just God I thank, but people too. You would be surprised the effect of genuine gratitude towards another person can manifest.
We all have a great deal items for which to give thanks, so acknowledge them. Acknowledge all the small gifts and the larger thing will build exponentially.

If you have absorbed any material from the Bible, Law of attraction or on personal development then you will notice they all have something about gratitude. This is because gratitude is a reciprocal blessing. Even when thing may not seem to be going exactly how you want, there is something to give thanks for.

Thank you for reading this Blog/Post.