Right in front of our faces.

Every day there is something staring right at us that requires our attention. Usually we put it off until something slaps us in the head to get our attention. For me it is usually in the form of something that I have created or was working on that I did not totally finish, you know, so that the task or project shines once completed. Usually some other task require(diverts) my attention, which distracted me from the original task, like one of my websites recently.
There is so much information available and stuff to do, my attention goes, whoosh, out the door and on to the next “THING”. Multitasking is a unrealistic, chunking,well maybe.
A friend of mine always tells me that I am the A.D.D poster child, (really she states this all the time). I just think that I have a finite time here and I want to do it all. I’ll admit, I am very busy and many different things  catch my interest, but eventually I take time to pause (whistle blow technical timeout), get quiet/silent and perform an inventory to see if there is anything that requires my attention, so I can put the final touches any task or project. You know make everything pretty again.
I have to check, check and recheck. OH SNAP!
I have found that making a list of things is the most effective way to administer task and projects. So from now on I know to make a list check it twice, finish the project then check the list again. (Talk about obsessive compulsive)