Not Creepy but Someone is watching you.

There is some who is observing what you do. Don’t get creeped out, but it is a truth. Ninety percent of the time we are partially aware of our surroundings. Like I said don’t be creeped out. In this day and age we put so much information about our personal lives up for grabs and then we freak when someone who is not on your radar give you a clue they are observing your life.

From 2010-07-20

This is a Creepy Picture, I took in Milwaukee!

That is not the point of my topic. The brainwashing continues to evolve in our society that things have to have a negative spin.

I am referring to admiration. There is a wonderful feeling to get confirmation about how you live your life has impacted another person as an example of how to live. I was an only child, therefore I really did not have a model to live by i.e older brother, sister, or cousin. Much of my early childhood gave me few examples I though were worth wild, so I turned to the thing in the world I felt were good and just.

I grew up in Detroit during the heyday of the Young Boys incorporated and the arrival of Crack cocaine.  I was an only child with a strong presence from my mother, I knew caution was my friend… actually extreme caution was my friend. I chose to follow the path of the narrow, since the path that was broad had too much risk.

I have followed this philosophy to this day. There were a few times in my life when I slipped and followed, but it turned out to be a lesson to fortify a reason to stay in my own lane of life., and just do  ME.

The reason I started to write this post started from a memory that put a smile on my face. There was a kid who I though had the world by a string when i lived in Detroit proper as a teenager. He was a musician, the girls loved him and he made friends easily. Some 20 years later, we met again and spent some time together over several months. ‘

I realized our lives had taken drastically different paths. His path led him to the penitentiary, while I had built a family and a career. Other aspect of our early child/teen years came to light as well. One thing that he informed me of was how for the longest time admired the way I carried myself and my life when we were young. Blew my socks off to hear that, because this guy is and was talented and displayed great confidence. I kind of looked up to this guy because during our teen years he had so much confidence, was very respectful, and had freedoms other could not handle.
To find out that He was looking up to me was a shocker. During our mid teens my path changed and we began did not see each other much.

Example # 2

I was a guitar player for a local church when I was 29 years old. During a revival the church brought in a young keyboard player and drummer from a different congregation.  They were AWESOME musicians.  I played guitar to fill in the sound and the keyboard player and I hit it off . I found out this guy was only 19 years old, but carried himself  like a man many years older.  He was marred with a small daughter, and played for his fathers church.  As time passed and we played more gospel functions together, I asked if his family would like to have diner with my family, I would cook.  We had a nice time., and we continued our friendship for a few more years. Then paths separate me from people again. The temporary factor set in.

Years later I had an inkling to visit the church where the young keyboard player father was pastor. Things had changed, II walked into the church, took a seat. Watched as my old friend played the organ with such grace and felt good that he was doing well. Just as he noticed me , he stopped playing, the music stopped and he walked over  hugged me, and introduced me to the entire congregation. Then he proclaimed this is Brother Emmitt. He changed my life,  then he thanked GOD and went back to the keyboard and began playing  for the rest of the service. (wait,WHAT!)

After the service he informed me that I gave him direction because of how I lived, and until that point he had not seen a young black man who had his own house, took care of his family and lives a decent life without being shady.  He told me that I let him know the dream was possible. GOD works in mysterious way.

My ramblings in this post are this, you don’t know who is watching and admiring what you do and who you are. Yes you are doing all the right things but the wrong things may seem easier. There is someone who loves you for who you are and what you can become . Live that life to inspire others to reach their potential, and your happiness will fill with abundance

Love you All

Be Bless and Happy

Emmitt Muckles

Confidence the Heavy D way

Learn From Heavy D the Over Weight Lover in the House!

Recently the legendary Rapper and hip hop star Heavy D pass away or transitioned to the next level as I like to put it at the very young age of 44. That was a blow to many old school hip hop/rap music fans.

The Over Weight Lover Heavy D

Heavy D was a pioneer in many way, working in TV, Film and recording themes for shows such as MadTV and In Living Color. What I remember the most outside of his music was the fact that you never heard anything negative about him during his career. That is a big one in today’s culture where media figures thrive on controversay and negative information.

The Second and very important fact was that Heavy D was actually overweight. He actually flaunted the fact he was a plus size person, but because he was such a good person and an incredible dance you would  pay little attention to his size. Let me get this right. The name of the group that came to prominence was Heavy D and the boys. Heavy D seem to be a guy who enjoyed life, and was happy with who and what he represented. It just goes to show, if you love yourself, other will love you equally or more.

The death of the Natural (GOD Made) Human.

Some things just creep upon you until you accept it normal. COSMETIC SURGERY!

I offhand was watching  Basketball wives. I see this program as a comedy, cause the things these adult women do make me laugh.  There is a woman (Tami Roman) on the show that looked familiar. After some Google searching I found that she was a part of the cast from The Real world Los Angeles. At the end of the show there were highlights of the next show in which Tami states that she wanted to have some local Liposuction. Yes she has gain a few pounds, but she is still very attractive.  My thoughts were, within three months she could easily be down to, or within, her former size with diet and exercise.

Tami Roman (Beautiful Lady)

This just goes to show. People would rather have their body invaded than do the work.

All around us we see movie stars and other public figures go under the knife to retain glory that once was  or never had been. Big UP’s to Kelly Clarkson and Rachael Ray. This is very prevalent practice in the media world. When common folks like us see these action performed with such ease, it makes the option of invasive physical alteration acceptable to all of us.

Presently any person regardless of social status or income can find a doctor to alter perfectly good body parts for no other reason than personal desire or vanity to be something else.

This is not good. We are already under assault from images and social programming to believe  we are inferior beings. This is done by attacking our external being constantly telling us we fall short of measuring up to the image presented to us. We are the Barbie and Ken society. From Brazilian waxing and Manscaping, nose jobs and vainer teeth. I remember not to long ago, if a white woman did not have round ass cheeks that was A-OK. Now cosmetic doctors can’t keep enough plastic ass cheeks in stock. That is real talk. The Buttocks is a muscle it can be developed if you feel its too small.

I think about this in the context of social programming. If you are willing to get surgery to make what already looks very acceptable. What other procedure will you endure to please someone else. Really how many times a day do you really look at yourself, you didn’t even notice that spinach in your teeth for thirty minutes the other day. People get surgery because of what they want other people to think, which will validate there own personal sense of self.

That Is Bullshit.

Beauty, Strength, Swagger and confidence are internal spiritual energy sources.  I know for a fact I can be with the most physically beautiful woman in the universe, but if she has not confidence, personality or lady power, she is useless to me ( Sense of self). The same ideology goes for guys as well ( No I am not Gay). Yes, I know that initial attraction is based on looks for the most part, but think back on the relationships you had with someone you thought was a 9 or above….Now why are you not still with them. Because the other 91% you need from a person was not there.

I am on a path, and I hope you are too. People ask “What would Jesus Do”, and they have absolutely no idea. Jesus didn’t dye his hair.  It is all about what you don’t SEE that makes you beautiful. Stop this madness.


When the powers that be tell you that everyone has to have Blue eyes and green hair, promoting it on THE VIEW, you will be in the next line to get you eye and weave transplant.

Look, all I am saying is go to your bathroom. Look in the mirror. blink your eyes, raise your eyebrow, open and close your mouth and make a few funny faces. Then smile, cause you will see in yourself  what I already see.  Perfect Beauty. GOD made you as the perfect you. I would really like you to take five minutes the next time you get out the shower. Take the time to study you whole body, and relish how wonderful you are as you are. If you need to trim some here and there, don’t use a doctor, use your own body to tweak itself.

JOG in place while watching a 30 minute television show 3 or 4 times a week and within two months you will than me.

I am not staunch on no elective cosmetic surgery, I know there are people who have lost weight, had accidents,  and have excess skin, or have no other means to recover a part of their physical body. That surgery I can understand. But surgery for unfounded vanity, I don’t get it.

Love , Peace and SOUL!


OMG! Did you Listen to what you just said!

I cannot believe the things people say about themselves and towards them self. People are so demeaning, , not toward other people but about who and what they are subconsciously. Here are just a few things I have heard people say when referring to themselves:

  • I am So F%#King Stupid.
  • I always mess stuff up.
  • Sorry that is just the way I am.
  • I can’t loose this weight, I’m just fat.
  • Why would anyone want to be with me.
  • Sorry,sorry, sorry.

The list goes to infinity.

OMG! It is depressing  so many people have such a low value placed upon their person. I am not taking about depressed people either. I am referring to the average everyday individual. These are people that you know too. For Instance; the worker at Boston Market, Guy sitting next to me at the bar during a dart tournament, Woman I was speaking with about DJing her wedding,  or some person asking me how to work the eliptical machine at the gym.
These are average everyday functional people. It does not end there everyone does it and if you do it enough those statments become truth.

Exercise: On Going

In the future listen to the statements that come out of your mouth. Then analyze them by asking yourself if it was a positive or negative affirmation.

Your best friend in your life is you. Treat yourself that way.