Thrive The Movie

Thrive the movie.

This week I had the opportunity to view the Move Thrive, which can be found on the supporting website Thrive the

The movie ask the question: What will it take for Humans Beings on Planet Earth to Thrive in Harmony?

I do wonder why they didn’t put the movie on if they want the message to spread, but with the great quality and production I can understand why they want to charge $5 for a 48 hour viewing.  The other fact is they will let you show the move for groups.

It is based around the premise of if we had access to free energy to drive our daily lives. WOW! That would be a serious game changer in our modern society and planet.  The point behind it all would be, Humanity could then focus on the true aspects of our total  The Mind Body and Spirit to elevate the consciousness.

From the start of the movie let’s just say I was skeptical at the onset, due to the movies main character is an heir to the Proctor and Gamble legacy/family Mr. Foster Gamble.

My skepticism began to fade with the information about free energy, the money system and control monopolies which are engrained and have a direct influence on our daily lives and cultures. It even addresses the brainwashing we all suffer via the public media. I have to admit Media is very biased in America.

The most immediate personal impact for me watching the movie cause the  seeking out  NON-GMO markets and stores. Hard to locate. I had never heard of NON- GMO products, which refer to Genetically Modified Organism. GMO foods and seeds are patented and privately owned food and vegetable products. Companies such as Monsanto own the seed which grow the produce we consume. It may not seem as though that has any negative issues outright, but it can be when it come to population and population control.  Let us ponder this, if you own something then you can control how it is used and who has access, which means Monsanto and companies like Monsanto can deny the public access to certain food sources, or modify organism that change our genetic code through consumption over time of said produce. We are what we eat.

I have been fascinated by Nikola Tesla for a few years. Tesla was centuries ahead of what we in the public understand about energy. Tesla was six or eight level ahead of the modern world in his understanding of gravity and electromagnetic fields. This lead to the Free energy scientist.

There was so much information it was astounding. I think you should watch it for yourself and formulate you own opinions, don’t take my word for it.

P.S  There was also the money system and how to circumvent the monetary process at a grass-roots level. and much more ….Just check it out!

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2012 Ready for mind and spirit change

Occupy New York could be the kindling wood to start the needed process of mass mindset and spiritual change. It seem as though the powers that be want to keep us frightened and dependent on their rule of law. It is not working any longer. This shit sucks and is old and boring. I am done with being an uber consumer. A buying commodity. Our sense of real community is lost. Plus we work more than we live.  The 1950’s post war suburban mentality died in 1979. What are we to do, begin using the time were given to live to love and love to experience what tribal people already know.  It’s the experience of the journey for which we are created.

I have food,water, shelter, love and community. The rest of it is just STUFF and Clutter.

Emmitt Muckles