Lose Weight naturally with Water

There is on thing we as humans typically don’t get enough of and always need

Water, our bodies are a majority water. What the body requires to stay balanced happy and joyous is water. We all know that you can go for weeks without food, but no intake of water and within a week life begins to fall apart.


Water is the Key to Everything, Drink up lose weight Be Merry

The key to maintaining the weight I have lost which is about 20 lbs, has been my water intake, besides the beer . It is vitally important to feed your body with water and to maintain a balance. We lose water constantly, crying, sweating, breathing.  If you think about how many times we exhale a day and the moisture along with that breath you may be astonished. Here is a test weigh yourself before you go to bed then weigh yourself first thing in the morning before doing anything. you may find 2 lbs or more have just vanished.  It is all water. To help your body rig itself of excess pounds we my constantly keep our hydration level proper.

The next best thing about proper hydration is keeping your body in balance so as not to feel hungry when we in fact don’t require food.  Thirst can be confused with hunger. Water also has no calories.  It’s one of those things requiring more to process water than anything additive caloric.

The quality of water helps too. So as not to add to the system of salts and other minerals , it may be required to drink distilled water for a period to flush the toxins from the system. You would be surprised how much weight we can attribute to just junk in our bodily freeway. It help on expelling both ends, liquid and solid waste material.

So look forward to the great taste of water and down a gallon every 24 hours if you are looking to shed some pound.

Next time I will share with you a diet that has kept me balanced and feeling really good. it’s cheaper than most other diets too.

Peace Emmitt Muckles