THE truth Of a country song!

I received this  ( They’re shutting Detroit Down) song several weeks ago in a promo music package. Not being a country fan per-se, but country music is the truest American art form that tells it like it is about the basic condition of the human heart and soul today.

Profiting: Nothing from Nothing Leaves….Nothing..Unemployed in Michigan

We have built a society that is virtual.

Most of the Money in our economy does not exist, it’s just a number on paper or a computer. Try to physically picture 1 trillion dollars, or 1 billion dollars, or 1 million dollars cash.

Money is the most virtual thing. Money is the reality of Keyser Söze from the movie The Usual Suspects. For so many years the economy in the United states has been robust. If you wanted to kill it with a shot gun the economy would have shrugged and kept progressing.

Let’s face it we were all caught up in the rapture of good times. I have seen reports for years stating (2001-2007) how the economy was slowing, Christmas sale numbers were down, and so on and so on.  For the most part people were in “WHAT EVER”  mode. SUV’s and $300,000 house were flying off the shelf.

The machine kept growing. Until…fall 2008. That was the blade coming down upon then head. The blade actually hit the flesh of the economy in November  2008, and has been making its way down to the bone as time progresses.

Time to get back to simplicity, because it is going to be an uncomfortable bumpy ride.

I figure in the back of most individuals minds people were thinking there would be a slowing down of the economy instead of a abrupt halt. The way in which new house were being built was astonishing, couple that with the amount of new consumer business’ being built and placed in to new areas who would have guessed.
In my informal inquiries it seem men are the most affected by the layoff. This makes since and it proves some facts about wage discrimination. Men typically earn more money than women, so if you are going to get very lean, start at the top of the heap those who make the most money, MEN.

Informal exercise, visit the local unemployment office and tally the men VS. the women.

If you are unemployed, your task is to learn something new to get another job, move out of state, of do what you were doing as an occupation, except independently.

The statistics  from the Great Depression, unemployment nationwide was approximately 25%.

1930~1939 lower 48 states

Population 123,188,000 , if 11% were unemployed equals 135,50,680, at 25% =30,797,000

Car Sales: 2,787,400

Average salary: $1,368

United StatesPopulation: 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.) if 11 percent of the population were unemployed today that would be 33,420,710 out of work

If you compare the numbers above we have surpassed the numbers of unemployed people from the great depression era. Of course there are other factors to consider about the populations of yesterday and today, but hopefully you understand my point.

Time to do what you do best, only this time for yourself and efficiently.

This is the time to proper, but differently than we did previously.