The Dam Fiscal Cliff

I just don’t get it. I try my best to keep my household as far away from any kind of cliff, real or metaphorically.

Several months ago, 36 month to be exact I realized there was a serious problem in my house hold. The problem was I was spending almost as much as I was making. You see these kind of Cliffs don’t sneak up on you, most of the time we just turn a blind eye, and speculate that we will always make more money from somewhere. Our government not only seem to turn a blind eye, they just stopped looking.

In my life the people that call themselves minimalist seem to be on to something. Looking at my credit cards I was making payments on things I could not remotely remember buying. There were the automatic 1, 3, 6 and yearly renewing items cropping up in my finances, cable bill, car payment(s), and a host of pocket drainers. Before the Cliff got to close I made changes. I used my friend Sara as a model, eBay, craigslist and the local bulletin boards became my new friends. I sold so much stuff, my wife started nailing things down. As time progressed debts began to dwindle to a very manageable and comfortable level. I even had my cable turned off for some months. You would be surprised how a homemade HD TV antenna can save you $1200 + a year. I learned how to make the HD antenna from youtube, its awesome.

It seems our government should do the same thing, take a hard look at what they really are spending the money from each paycheck jacked from the people still working and those on unemployment. Sell some of the crap we have sitting around (not land or people), and pay off the debts. At least charge whoever got us into these wars, jeez other police departments get paid. Or we could just bully the other countries into forgiving the debt…just kidding.

It really is a shame the government can’t get it together and budget things correctly and cut spending. There are single parents and intact families getting by on far less than the government has monetarily. I think if a family makes less than $40k a year that is considered under the poverty line. Then much of America is poor right now. America does not manufacture as much as it use to except obesity. I can figure out how I gained 10 lbs in two months either, go figure.

Stop reporting about the Fiscal Cliff and stop the bus, close the door and do what you have to do. I know the government gets paid before any of its citizens get paid. So what is the problem, you got our money, put it to proper, and frugal use.



THE truth Of a country song!

I received this  ( They’re shutting Detroit Down) song several weeks ago in a promo music package. Not being a country fan per-se, but country music is the truest American art form that tells it like it is about the basic condition of the human heart and soul today.