A picture is worth a 1000 emotions


They say words are powerful, and can cause the creation of worlds, but i don’t think words can match the power of a single picture to reveal the truth in our lives.

Even though the most deceiving tool we as humans have at our disposal is our eyes, these light gathering devices can help push us in a need direction of change when gauging ourselves. How many people have you ever heard state the reason they became conscious of their health and remained committed after seeing a picture of the physical change noted after seeing a picture of themselves. Seeing ourselves in a physical mirror can be and is a measure in deception. Mirrors are too limiting and display a level of realtime bias based on our state of mind and chemical/emotional brain state. The other measure our human brains have a problem with is gauging very slow change. For instance, I had not how much I have changed since I initially got married until I revisited my wedding video. OMG!!! I was one skinny being, my skin was so different.

Every few years I am caught off guard by seeing a picture with my gut prominently requiring more real estate than I am humanly comfortable representing in the physical world. What ensues next is my half assed attempt to exercise more, which I accomplish and either get too thin to where I abandon the effort to find the right picture size.

I am not a HUGH human, but body image or body perception counts for a great deal in our society, sad but so dam true. What is a human to do?
So I pledge to find the right weigh (197lbs ~204lbs water weight accounted for) to live my life.

I have to use more than my eyes to gauge my appearance and changes in life.

How does an Ant eat and Elephant?

The best I could find....What can I say you get itOne Bite at a time is how an Ant eats and Elephant.

Have you ever made a New Years resolution only to break it. Start a diet and not lose any weight, make a big personal promise and not keep it? Well that may be because you did not utilize the correct approach to obtaining your goal.

Sometimes we forget the most important lessons we have learned or that stare us in the face.  From years of trial and error I have finally resolved to lose my wanting for the quick fix approach towards personal endeavors.

From building my DJ business, and various other situation, I have come to understand how time and perseverance and planning are the way to reach your goals.

For instance P90X, I though I would buy the program, jump right into it and have a beach body in no time.


Just the opposite occurred. I couldn’t make it 1/4 of the way through the first DVD. I started and I stopped for several months. Then I thought whats the rush, it’s winter and I have time.  Therefore I formulated a plan.

My plan was to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Instead of beating myself up and being discouraged  because I could not make it through an entire P90X DVD session, I mapped out my attack .  I figured some is better than nothing, therefore I planned to do each of the DVD’s workouts for a minimum of 30 minutes a day or half of the allotted time for a week  then adding 5 or ten minutes to each workout per week until I could perform the full routine. It’s working so far.

This is life’s biggest mountain to climb for most of us. We see the destination, but don’t anticipate the journey being so rough. Sometimes you just have to add some novice cushion until you get the experience at trying to be a pro. Things take time. Granted there are all sorts of naturally gifted people, who make life look easy. Trust me they too had to take small steps to begin the journey to the destination.

So the next time you try something and your performance is not exactly what you expected. Stop, plan, and implement a method to help you obtain your goal in your own time and space.

Really there is only one person to prove yourself to when tackling a new “IT”, and that is you.

How does and ANT eat and Elephant? One Bite at a Time.

Be bless


Pissed off and tired of being Broke as hell!


Let’s face it, we all got hoodwinked along the way. We were all told that you are SUPPOSE to have everything you want when you want it.

I bought it, literally, hook line and sinker. Credit cards, multiple car payments, everything on installments. Then I got a wake up call. 2007 the bottom fell out like a size 20 as in size 12 jeans.

I got downsized. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Part of the problem is the word COMFORT. Living in this country we see it every day, everyone is living so dam comfortable, it makes us think to ourselves. “I should be comfortable too.

American is not about family values, baseball and apple pie. It is about comfort and entitlement. Look around and you will see it if you just take the time to look.

Comfort got US(A) into our current situation. and here they are:

  • Credit card debit of $5000.00 or more
  • Driving cars we cannot afford (Insurance too)
  • School loans that rival national debts of small countries
  • House payment more than half our income. ( and your house is not valued for what you owe)
  • Giving our children too much material and not enough virtue. ( I am guilty)
  • Not saving at least 10 percent of what we earn.

These are just a few of the item i took inventory of when I got downsized in 2008.  On unemployment ( which was a fraction of my take home pay, but thank you for it.) I realized that I was paying for things, which I could not remember buying, thanks to the ease of acquiring a credit card. I was able to barely hold it together for the 9 months I was “UNEMPLOYED IN MICHIGAN”.

I vowed that when I returned to the stable financial state of being, I would not do this again.

Credit card Companies….ASSHOLES  (that was harsh Emmitt) , They are the DEVIL…Temptation . They should be the 8th deadly SIN.

Believe it or not they are almost impossible to live without, unless you know the rules of the game.

During my temporary vacation, several of my credit card companies dropped my limits on my cards to lower than what I owed. Can you believe that! That made my payments on what I owed grow, and my credit rating go down.


I told one credit card during a collection call, I will pay you off when I get the money and never use you again. I heard her smirk.  That is exactly what I did. C.R.E.A.M. Cash rules everything around me, is never a better statement of wisdom.

As luck would have it I found employment. I took about three or four months for me to get kinda stable again. I put my plan into action. I told my wife, “I have no money for some time to come for pleasant things. I was on a mission. I did what I had too, every penny I had counted for a bill that had no immediate value. I took about 18 months but I finally paid off my credit card balances.

I bet your wondering how I stayed motivated, Cause it is hard to do. Suze Orman helped but her “GIRLFRIEND” banter made me sick after a while of listening to her podcast. Then I lucked upon Dave Ramsey’s podcast. That was a Blessing. Listening to his podcast everyday for 1 hour helped me stay the course. I began listening to his show, and it helped me to understand VALUE for what I bought.

This Christmas, my wife asked me what I wanted. I told her “Nothing baby, cause I cannot think of one thing you could buy me that would have enough value long term. ” I just wanted to be content with shelter, food, clothes and family.

I realized, I don’t give a dam with the Jone’s think, cause they are not paying for me anyway. My clothes are clean, I have a roof over my head, and if you read my last blog post you know I have had more than enough food.

Here is the MOTTO: Buy what you need and not just what you want. The simple healthy life is the best life.

With the money I am not spending, I am Saving. I have a number in my head to hit by mid-2011, I know I can do that. So by  2015 I will be looking at the world slightly different.


Learning while at the Bar!

Emmitt and Phil at Soft tip dart playoff fall 07

Hey it’s Emmitt Muckles. I’m stepping into the blogging area with full force. My other websites tied to my business’ are www.mucklesentertainment.com & www.emmittmuckles.com. Check me out and drop me a line.

Enough with the preliminaries.

I was playing darts today and was playing inconsistent.

I participate in a weekly recreational league for soft tip darts.
Darts and the various games have been a passion of mine for at least 12 years. I stated playing because of frequenting a neighborhood bar in Metro Detroit. I think the name of the bar was called the Acoustic Cafe. At the Acoustic Cafe the owner organized a team to participate in the local league. He asked if I would like to join the bar’s team. I thought what the heck and said “sure”. After the first couple of league matches, I saw how serious these people (Dart players) were, and I was hooked.

Over the years I have played for various teams, bars and leagues during which my ranking has progressively gotten higher/better.
There is one problem I have found, which applied to general life. When I play on teams with lower skill levels than mine, my skill level drops. I have tried to analyze this and cannot figure it out.

When I am on these certain teams, I struggle to maintain my average of a bout 20~ 22 Points per dart. Conversely wnen I play on and against teams with higher profile player in 301, 501 and cricket ( which are dart specific games), I seem to flourish.

This scenario applies to general life, if you are around individuals,groups and environments where the expectation is high, it is a natural for your your composure and competence will elevate.

I have been experimenting with this concept of Hi/Low environments for at least three years, and I keep proving the point, to raise your skill level, involve yourself with environments and people that are have a bar that is equal or higher than yours level.

I think this is one of the many reasons I decided to write my first book; to raise my personal bar and change the dynamic of my life and those I come into contact with. My book is entitled ” the journey of one” by Emmitt MucklesYEAHHH!

The goal for me and competitive soft tip darts or steel tip is to participate in the annual Las Vegas Desert Classic. Yes SIR! There I can experience the highest level of Play.

Right in front of our faces.

Every day there is something staring right at us that requires our attention. Usually we put it off until something slaps us in the head to get our attention. For me it is usually in the form of something that I have created or was working on that I did not totally finish, you know, so that the task or project shines once completed. Usually some other task require(diverts) my attention, which distracted me from the original task, like one of my websites recently.
There is so much information available and stuff to do, my attention goes, whoosh, out the door and on to the next “THING”. Multitasking is a unrealistic, chunking,well maybe.
A friend of mine always tells me that I am the A.D.D poster child, (really she states this all the time). I just think that I have a finite time here and I want to do it all. I’ll admit, I am very busy and many different things  catch my interest, but eventually I take time to pause (whistle blow technical timeout), get quiet/silent and perform an inventory to see if there is anything that requires my attention, so I can put the final touches any task or project. You know make everything pretty again.
I have to check, check and recheck. OH SNAP!
I have found that making a list of things is the most effective way to administer task and projects. So from now on I know to make a list check it twice, finish the project then check the list again. (Talk about obsessive compulsive)