Back to the basics..Old School methods still work

We live in a very high tech world today. Mobile phone that do everything from giving us our location to sending video around the world. When I was a child and my Dad gave me a digital watch (they were new at the time), he told me that someday everyone and almost everything would have a computer or operate from a computer. My father told me thing in 1976. I though wow, but I have lived long enough to see my fathers prediction come true.

Even though we live in a digital age, sometimes we have to go back to the analogue methods to get thing accomplished. Instead of sending and email, it is more personal to write a litter and mail (snail mail) it to someone. Instead of posting pictures of yourself to someone, it is better to visit them in person.

The same is true for fitness. I am finding out we don’t need memberships to gyms and fitness clubs to lose weight, gain muscle or to increase our overall health. The only real thing we need is drive and our own bodies to become fit.

IF you are unhealthy or unfit your happiness can be compromised. Don’t believe all that you hear, just because someone tell you the latest and greatest is the best doesn’t not make it true. GOD gave you everything you need to to be the perfect YOU! So use you to be perfect.

Emmitt “Dr. Feel Good” Muckles

Confidence the Heavy D way

Learn From Heavy D the Over Weight Lover in the House!

Recently the legendary Rapper and hip hop star Heavy D pass away or transitioned to the next level as I like to put it at the very young age of 44. That was a blow to many old school hip hop/rap music fans.

The Over Weight Lover Heavy D

Heavy D was a pioneer in many way, working in TV, Film and recording themes for shows such as MadTV and In Living Color. What I remember the most outside of his music was the fact that you never heard anything negative about him during his career. That is a big one in today’s culture where media figures thrive on controversay and negative information.

The Second and very important fact was that Heavy D was actually overweight. He actually flaunted the fact he was a plus size person, but because he was such a good person and an incredible dance you would  pay little attention to his size. Let me get this right. The name of the group that came to prominence was Heavy D and the boys. Heavy D seem to be a guy who enjoyed life, and was happy with who and what he represented. It just goes to show, if you love yourself, other will love you equally or more.

People watching and interaction

There is nothing greater than the return of a smile.  One method of being happy, is being comfortable with the people around you no matter where you are. Strike up a conversation with a stranger the next time you are in a checkout line.

Being intentionally nice to people has great benefits, they usually return your niceness.

Let’s just be nice to other people.

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It’s time to be healthy (Morons Guide to Happiness)

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Live Happy be Healthy

Time fools us all. Time moves so slowly to the point we barely notice changes around us. 1 minute,1 day, 1 week,1 month 1 year. There are a great many changes occurring every moment. The most subtly change is body composition.  If any person gains 1.5 pounds of fat from the age of 22 to 42 that is 30 extra pounds at the end of that period. The 1.5 pound number is a general average for the united states, for some it can be 2~3 pounds a year at any time. Many of us in this modern society don’t exert as much energy as generation prior due to technology. I know this rang true for me.

I started a job where I sat at a desk and talked on the phone for 6+ hours a day. the most walking I did was from my house to my garage to get into my car. Within three months I gained 8 pounds. If that weight gain would have been allowed to progress. There could have been a world of health problems down the road.

I know with Television shows such as The Biggest Loser people are starting to be more conscious about their weight health.

I love the people of this planet and care how you experience this life. It is difficult to do so if you are diabetic,or have heart problems due to weight. I can broach the subject, but you have to do the work. Start slow with moderate exercise to be healthier. Cause I care about you.

National Podcast Post Month, Simplify and be happy

Well I started the national Podcast Post Month with some road blocks. The first three podcast got erased from my recorder and then many software revisions later I found a solution, be LIFE IS GOOD TO ME ALL THE TIME!

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Bigger ain’t always better.

When we were children there were people we literally looked up to, because they were, in our eyes larger than life. This is also the American philosophy. In the last 80 or so years it became our mantra. Be First, Be the biggest , be the baddest ( in a good way, Until Bush # 2) in everything we are.  The problem occurred when we forgot about the cost associated with being the biggest. It takes effort to keep up the front.

For years I lifted weights to put some man size of my former 150 ~ 160 lb frame ( top out at about 215~217, that’s almost 70lbs..OMG). There is one thing about gaining the muscle, I lost my flexibility, due to my concentration on being bigger. This same scenario has happened in our society too. BIG house, big card etc, yada yada yada.

After realizing how limited my range of motion has been hampering me lately I decided to do something about it. So let me proclaim my intentions, This is not a new years resolution either.

  • Ability to place my palms on the floor from a straight legged bent stance. ( can’t even touch my shoes,OH LORD PLEASE!)
  • Able to do Chinese split (GIVE ME STRENGTH)
  • ability to do backwards rollover into a hand stance.  (Pray for me)
  • get through 35 minute yoga or stretching routine in great form. ( I got health care so I’m good)
  • And last but not least drop down to 185 ~190 lbs (that’s hot). (Just say no to the Grape drink)

I have come to learn in various aspects,bigger is not always better. Most often just right is better than too much.

Acquiring the philosophy of SIMPLE seems to be the best way to live. Learning how having excess prevents many of us from living SIMPLE.

Here comes another list folks.

  • Too many people around you for no reason—Drama = NOT SIMPLE.
  • Having too much credit -Drama =NOT SIMPLE
  • Concerned about other peoples business and not just your own – DRAMA = NOT SIMPLE (IMMA DO ME, U DO YOU)
  • Not listening to what Life is telling you to do cause it seems hard -DRAMA = Not SIMPLE

If you live simply, below your means, you can have a Better experience which is more enjoyable than a Bigger experience.

So it’s time to at least TRY taking care of you MIND, BODY and SOUL. Which I feel is our own personal trinity. (BIBLE REFERENCE)


Be Blessed


Welcome to fat America

Considered Good THICK WOMAN!

There is nothing in this world that will draw attention like the shape of a woman.  I can make this statement cause men watch women and women check out other women. The world is filled with the feminine power. If you think about all the female celebrities that people talk about the most, they all have one particular thing in common. A dynamic feminine physical shape, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Halle Berry or Shakira you name it the list goes on forever. They all have one thing in common, the shape of their bodies. In particular the ratio from their Shoulders/Waist/Hips, is what snaps the heads of men and women in their presence.

little on the thin side, but it's Halle Berry!

It is not much different for men, just a little more acceptable for men to carry more body fat, ( why I don’t know). There are a great deal of  overweight and obese men plodding around these days. I am sick of my own excess fat content, and I am doing something about it. It actually requires thought, willpower, and research. YEP, my body has changed over the years and now I realize my metabolism is not what it was when I was 18 and could consume 4000 calories and lose weight. ( true statement)

It’s not about losing the belly fat, it’s about the overall content. The belly and waist are where fat manifest the most.

I visit the gym (Ballys) often and understand the plateaus of working out. Compounded with water retention, and other factors obtaining  optimum  or good shape of the body can be challenging. Most of us would not worry about our weight if it were proportioned in a certain method, but things do work out like we want them to.

The payoff after a lot of work

The payoff after a lot of work

I hear this statement all the time, ” If I could just shape my stomach up and fit in that outfit I bought I would be happy.”

I have been working out like a fiend and making very good progress, but the mid section is my plague. I know for women it is exceptionally hard to loose body fat. This is especially true with the quality of readily available food in the United states, but I digress.

I have realized that the shape of a woman ( From my perspective as a man) is not so cut and dry. Line up 1000 people and no two will have the exact same shape.  Media and retail try to  sell us a bill of goods ( No Lie it’s all about profit).  Many people buy into the fat skinny ideology. I don’t to a certain degree.  I clearly understand some people are made to carry more body fat from a genetic standpoint.

Having stated some of my case, there are a great deal of women and men who are carrying too much body fat which is not healthy or required. When we were in school gym class was there for a reason, to prevent us from being obese.

I can really dig a “THICK” woman, but not a “Fat” woman.  Women typically are naturally predestined to hold a certain percent of body fat for metabolic and reproductive reason. The problem is women thinking that  more than 33 % of their body weight is healthy. That is just fat.

Here is what I am talking about. If you are down to almost no body fat at 120 lbs and you add 30% that would put you about 155~160lbs. No Good.  Picture what 5″5′  at 160 looks like.

5"4' 160

5"4' 160

I had this issue recently, I topped the scale at ( 6  foot) 210 lbs give or take 5 lbs.  I remember weighing 185 and being toned. I set about cutting the unnecessary calories ( lean cuisine for lunch for me) , and began my adult gym class three days a week for a minimum of 60 minutes per session. Then I began to see the fat decrease.

Let’s face facts if you live in America the healthy food choices SUCK. It is too easy to eat food filled with inappropriate content. I now have to make conscious choices of the food I ingest to maintain a certain physical body quality. With the advent of us relying on active transportation instead of our bodies to get from point A to B  we burn less energy, therefore accumulate body fat.

Remember, there is pain through the journey of growth. SO Start your exercise plan today, walk for 45 minutes 3x a week to start.  Lose that belly and live better.

Get active, live healthy.

Emmitt Muckles

DJ Emmitt