Detroit RIP 2009 unless the cancer is removed!

Now What?

Now What?

At what point does a person just give up a say, ”I am not the most qualified person for this task.”  That is is what Detroit’s city council should be saying.

I had a job where I assumed a position that was not the right fit for me. Since it was not a good fit, I had to abdicate the position, of my own free will.  That sucked because it paid extremely well, but we survive.

I remember the Shreik name calling incident during a city council meeting several months ago.  That was the defining moment where I really began to take notice of what was happening.  The only thing that came to mind was “SOCIALLY RETARDED” adults in charge, with inflated egos running rampant.

What happened to the standard high moral and integrity that once prevailed in this country?

It is time to clean house, to help restore the city of Detroit become a healthy state again.


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