2012 Ready for mind and spirit change

Occupy New York could be the kindling wood to start the needed process of mass mindset and spiritual change. It seem as though the powers that be want to keep us frightened and dependent on their rule of law. It is not working any longer. This shit sucks and is old and boring. I am done with being an uber consumer. A buying commodity. Our sense of real community is lost. Plus we work more than we live.  The 1950’s post war suburban mentality died in 1979. What are we to do, begin using the time were given to live to love and love to experience what tribal people already know.  It’s the experience of the journey for which we are created.

I have food,water, shelter, love and community. The rest of it is just STUFF and Clutter.

Emmitt Muckles

Appreciation…it’s the little thing that count.

WOW! Every day I wake up with a joy in my heart and say thank you for letting my feet hit the floor, my vision, and every little item of comfort i get to experience. Then as I am smiling throughout my day I can’t help but notice the amount of people who don’t (at least outwardly) seem to give a dam about how good they have it.

We as Americans and people of most progressive countries have it made and we don’t even know it. Think back to how humans live 100 years ago. The level of comfort was dismal compared to todays standards. Here is a list of daily items we take for granted.

1.) Heat…we don’t have to chop wood
2.) Food…we don’t have to hunt daily
3.) Water we don’t have to go to the well then boil our water
4.) Transportation….Just imagine if you had to ride a horse 30 miles every day.
5.) Hygiene….People use to die because of disease was so rampant from poor hygiene
6.) Education..Kid use to have to work the fields.
7.) Electricity…When the sun went down so did you.
8.) Information..Only select few were allowed to gain knowledge.
9.) Freedom…There was a time when you could be persecuted for any little difference. There was once a time when we could not be with the people we love, because our spouse was chosen for us.
10.) Comfort..I have found the poorest people in industrial nations have it easier (Greatly) than people in third world nations.

Appreciate what little you have to be thankful for, cause there is someone who wishes they were in your situation. If you have issue with depression, heartbreak, or some similar mental/emotional setback, remind yourself the truth about life. All of this is temporary, particularly when times seem rough. So tie a knot in the rope of your life and keep hanging till it gets better.

Be Full of joy and Blessed. Emmitt

No Worry, No Cry. It works out over time.

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We spend a great deal of time worrying about our current situation, than maybe enjoying the situation. For some people it is hard to see the forest because those dam trees are blocking their vision. 99% of our life is temporary, having said that about time, why waist it concentrating on thing that are the filler in our daily lives.

Things Just Work out, if you let them.

Remember that test it was so important for you to pass in high school, nope you don’t. Remember that bill that you didn’t have enough money to pay for several months ago, nope.

Do you remember what you were so worried about…?:

  • 10 years ago
  • 5 years ago
  • 2 years ago
  • 1 year ago
  • 6 month ago
  • 3 month ago
  • 15 days ago
  • 1 week ago

Seriously, chose the good things to look forward to. I know it requires a retraining of your entire outlook, but it is worth it. Most of this we call life is temporary, 99.9 percent of it is temporary, so why worry about thing that are bound to change anyway.


Live well, I love you all

Emmitt “Dr Feel Good” Muckles

It’s time to be healthy (Morons Guide to Happiness)

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Live Happy be Healthy

Time fools us all. Time moves so slowly to the point we barely notice changes around us. 1 minute,1 day, 1 week,1 month 1 year. There are a great many changes occurring every moment. The most subtly change is body composition.  If any person gains 1.5 pounds of fat from the age of 22 to 42 that is 30 extra pounds at the end of that period. The 1.5 pound number is a general average for the united states, for some it can be 2~3 pounds a year at any time. Many of us in this modern society don’t exert as much energy as generation prior due to technology. I know this rang true for me.

I started a job where I sat at a desk and talked on the phone for 6+ hours a day. the most walking I did was from my house to my garage to get into my car. Within three months I gained 8 pounds. If that weight gain would have been allowed to progress. There could have been a world of health problems down the road.

I know with Television shows such as The Biggest Loser people are starting to be more conscious about their weight health.

I love the people of this planet and care how you experience this life. It is difficult to do so if you are diabetic,or have heart problems due to weight. I can broach the subject, but you have to do the work. Start slow with moderate exercise to be healthier. Cause I care about you.

National Podcast Post Month, Simplify and be happy

Well I started the national Podcast Post Month with some road blocks. The first three podcast got erased from my recorder and then many software revisions later I found a solution, be LIFE IS GOOD TO ME ALL THE TIME!

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Social & Economic Reset..It had to happen.

reset-buttonGordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street declared that “Greed Is Good”.

Well Look where that got us. National household credit card debt that averages $5~10K on the low end, automobiles that are worthless as soon as you stick a key in the ignition, and housing prices that are worth 75% of what you owe to the financial institution.

We got hoodwinked into thinking that the upper class was available to everyone at any time. In that struggle to attain a certain level of life style we lost not only our financial way but our social foundation too.

I watched an episode of Oprah, where people were saying as soon as their financial class status changed their circle of friends changed.(DUH it’s called fair weather friend)

This is an endless topic, but several weeks ago I was having a pint with a friend who recently lost his job, when I began to explain:

This had to happen, this financial melt down. I informed him that at the rate of inflation, spending and population expansion, buy the time my seventeen year old daughter reached my age inflation would be deadly. My summation.

  1. Average suburban home ( nothing fancy) would cost $500,000.000 to $750,000.00 dollars ( Think Southern California but acr9oss the U.S.A)
  2. Gas & milk prices would be $8~$10 per gallon
  3. An automobile would cost $50, 000 for a small sedan.
  4. Insurance would be $4000~5000 a month for a family of three.
  5. A college degree would cost $200,000 or more dollars after four years.
  6. $50.00 Per hour would be a standard wage to be middle class.
  7. and communities would be privatized.

As my friend tipped back his drink and gently placed it on the bar, he gazed ant me and said, “You are absolutely right” . Then we began comparing the prices of things when we were teenagers versus today’s prices.

I watched Scarface of DVD recently and there was one notable scene. Tony Montana was looking to purchase a Porsche 928s, the sales person said the price was $18k. As yourself what kind of a new sports car can you get for $18k today.

We had to have a economic reset to keep out society stable.

Looking at the new here in Detroit all we hear about is GM, Chrysler, and Crime. GM had t file for Chapter ?? bankruptcy for the simple fact that before they made a dollar they had to pay 2 dollars out to pensions. You cannot run a long term business that way.

We have to rethink the who we are as people. We are not our stuff, things, or external physical representation. We are relationships, memories and emotional ties, basically family. We forgot that because we were busy working for stuff we could not afford and had not paid for.

Change and growth are very uncomfortable, but once it is over things are so much better.

Emmitt Muckles

The Divine Power Of Feminine: WOMAN!


From the earliest stages of  life, there is one constant that stand out as being present to any individuals ; The  Feminine, Woman, Mother, Grandmother.

There is nothing closer to the Divine on earth as the physical presence of Woman. Everything a man does in his life is to garner the attention of a woman. He buys clothes, grooms himself, purchases a home,  builds a career, even the first car he purchases is to make an impression on a woman.

Remember there was a time when men would have to basically compete for women. Men had to prove they were able to provide and be of substance to obtain a woman to help them in this journey of life. That practice seems to be fading away. Now it is common to see men going to a strip club for the faux appearance of having a woman in their life. This attitude has permeated our psyche of American culture. Television show such as “The Tool Academy”  Bentley Farnsworth’s  “From G’s to Gents” and a host of other shows indicate the attitude of men have fallen way off the scale, even it it is graded on a bell curve.

It seems to me that something has been lost. The feminine is not held on the plateau they once once occupied. In an effort to become regarded as equal to men something was lost in translation.  Woman’s standard for Man has dropped, ( here comes the catch 22), therefore men have taken the easy route. It is easier to jump a twelve inch hurdle than a ten foot hurdle, so why try to just the ten foot mark.

I am a adult male above the age of thirty. I can attribute much of who I am as a person to the collective of Woman. I learned how to communicate , read, groom, socialize and become a function part of society for the most part from the women in my life, most of which I learned before the age of 13.

Women make this world in more ways  than one. Women bring life to this planet, not only do they bring life to this planet but they can nurture any life they did not create from their own seed, which naturally is an obstacle for men on this planet. Meaning; it is difficult for a man to rear a child that he does not have biological ties with, it is found in most male species of the animal kingdom. The difference with men versus beast is our higher emotional and reasoning abilities. It still stands to reason;   Women are the most important facet in the evolution and propagation of this planet.

Let’s say for example there was a machine that hovered on the planet and created life, but produced only men. That machine would have to be so busy and efficient producing men. The reason; because men would just cause total chaos to be relevant, killing each other at an alarming rate for control, falling out of trees and playing in mud to build something to be admired for. You get the picture.  Basically it would be similar to the modern American prison system.

Women create the balance in the masculine energy. Woman is the counter balance to man, women are closer to the Divine creator than man could ever attempt. Woman is present creating full life, nurturing the possibilities with love and compassion, and understanding the Infinite Possibilities of this human existence.

Woman sheds blood for her flock and the ability to create(Divine connection).

Women are wrestling with the prospect of being equal to a man. To me that is back sliding, without examination exactly what that means equal rights. First woman must understand that they hold all the cards. A woman with good game can make most men do her bidding. Women are still the only species who can be “taken care of ” for her entire existence, by a man. A kept man is still considered a sign of a weak individual, or a pimp.

In an equal relationship men and women have equal say in matters of their combined life. Let’s examine if this relationship is severed. Typically a male will have to give compensation to the female, especially if children  are involved. Unless predetermined a man will be required to relinquish a portion of his assets, which includes control. If a woman deems a man  unfit to be present in the life of her children….done deal, he’s out. The opposite is rare unless a man can clearly prove a woman is an unfit parent, or a male has goo gobs of money. Because society understand the Divine nurturing aspects of Woman. Momma’s baby, Daddy’s maybe.

There are so many disjointed thoughts in this post because I  clearly see the Divine power of woman. I truly believe if women really had a grasp on how special they are as beings and lived in that divine light our culture would prosper a thousand fold in a short period of time. In an upcoming post I will delve into why women have been deprogrammed from their true Divine path. It’s all about the struggle of power.

Women are beings of Divine Power, prove me wrong.

Emmitt Muckles

Dynamic Power Of A Smile!

Today was a very good day. No, I did not will the lottery, nor did I have a great epiphany. I just decided to be grateful and smile a genuine smile.

Once I started smiling, a statement came to fruition, the whole world began to smile back at me. I noticed the smiles returned to me from the man and woman at the gas station, then lady in the bank, the people at my toastmasters meeting, and the guy on the other side of the mirror.

It was the Law of reciprocity. When you begin to feel as good as I feel today, only good thing can come to you in spades.

I even did a podcast at http://emmittmuckles.com/podcast.

Remember when you feel mediocre, think of all the things you have to give thanks. Example, today you actually opened your eyes and greeted a new day, which means you have another chance to start new, or continue something better. Once that smile spreads through your core. Reap the reward.

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Goal: Giving $1,000,000.00 fifty percent at a time.

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

I recently attended my first  Motor City Connect event in downtown Detroit at the Penobscot building. I had no idea the profound effect this event would have on my psyche.

The event was not particularly large in attendance, but the small number of people who were there made up for that hands down.  If I recall correctly,  about ten individuals where present.

I bet you want to know what was so moving about this particular Motor City Connect function? Well here is is. I met one of the founders of Operation Kid Equip (OKE), Manachem Kniespek.

The protocol for the this function was to introduce your self and your business, then state and action you are looking to solve. Because it is a social network, an individual could say he/she is looking to meet with an owner of a particular business, or searching for someone who requires a certain service, for their action.

After the introductions the general conversation began and somehow we began to discuss the needs of children in the Metro-Detroit area.  Manachem had great information about his company and the service they provide. As the conversation progressed I learned how deeply the children of Metro-Detroit are being affected by the economic shift we are experiencing currently.  For some reason, when economic issues are discussed in the media, we don’t really hear about the effects job loss have directly on children. This event put a face and age on the perspective. All the information I received that day cause my heart to swell.  I could not get out my mind the challenges Non-Profit and charities face when the economy take a turn for the worse.

I could not get out of my head so many people (children and families) were in dire need right now. It weight heavy on my mind for the last two weeks. I just kept thinking, how can I help? With so many charities to choose from, how do you choose?

I thought about it and thought about it, nothing viable came to me. Then I prayed on it. What do I have to offer? BAAM, like a blot of lighting it came to me.

I was so excited from the epiphany I couldn’t stop moving, I was that energized, and ready to go. Here is the plan, give away 50% of the profit from my book sales. Make it a mission to sell my inspiration book so that I may give to those who need.

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Liv 4 Now

OMG! Did you Listen to what you just said!

I cannot believe the things people say about themselves and towards them self. People are so demeaning, , not toward other people but about who and what they are subconsciously. Here are just a few things I have heard people say when referring to themselves:

  • I am So F%#King Stupid.
  • I always mess stuff up.
  • Sorry that is just the way I am.
  • I can’t loose this weight, I’m just fat.
  • Why would anyone want to be with me.
  • Sorry,sorry, sorry.

The list goes to infinity.

OMG! It is depressing  so many people have such a low value placed upon their person. I am not taking about depressed people either. I am referring to the average everyday individual. These are people that you know too. For Instance; the worker at Boston Market, Guy sitting next to me at the bar during a dart tournament, Woman I was speaking with about DJing her wedding,  or some person asking me how to work the eliptical machine at the gym.
These are average everyday functional people. It does not end there everyone does it and if you do it enough those statments become truth.

Exercise: On Going

In the future listen to the statements that come out of your mouth. Then analyze them by asking yourself if it was a positive or negative affirmation.

Your best friend in your life is you. Treat yourself that way.