Not Creepy but Someone is watching you.

There is some who is observing what you do. Don’t get creeped out, but it is a truth. Ninety percent of the time we are partially aware of our surroundings. Like I said don’t be creeped out. In this day and age we put so much information about our personal lives up for grabs and then we freak when someone who is not on your radar give you a clue they are observing your life.

From 2010-07-20

This is a Creepy Picture, I took in Milwaukee!

That is not the point of my topic. The brainwashing continues to evolve in our society that things have to have a negative spin.

I am referring to admiration. There is a wonderful feeling to get confirmation about how you live your life has impacted another person as an example of how to live. I was an only child, therefore I really did not have a model to live by i.e older brother, sister, or cousin. Much of my early childhood gave me few examples I though were worth wild, so I turned to the thing in the world I felt were good and just.

I grew up in Detroit during the heyday of the Young Boys incorporated and the arrival of Crack cocaine.  I was an only child with a strong presence from my mother, I knew caution was my friend… actually extreme caution was my friend. I chose to follow the path of the narrow, since the path that was broad had too much risk.

I have followed this philosophy to this day. There were a few times in my life when I slipped and followed, but it turned out to be a lesson to fortify a reason to stay in my own lane of life., and just do  ME.

The reason I started to write this post started from a memory that put a smile on my face. There was a kid who I though had the world by a string when i lived in Detroit proper as a teenager. He was a musician, the girls loved him and he made friends easily. Some 20 years later, we met again and spent some time together over several months. ‘

I realized our lives had taken drastically different paths. His path led him to the penitentiary, while I had built a family and a career. Other aspect of our early child/teen years came to light as well. One thing that he informed me of was how for the longest time admired the way I carried myself and my life when we were young. Blew my socks off to hear that, because this guy is and was talented and displayed great confidence. I kind of looked up to this guy because during our teen years he had so much confidence, was very respectful, and had freedoms other could not handle.
To find out that He was looking up to me was a shocker. During our mid teens my path changed and we began did not see each other much.

Example # 2

I was a guitar player for a local church when I was 29 years old. During a revival the church brought in a young keyboard player and drummer from a different congregation.  They were AWESOME musicians.  I played guitar to fill in the sound and the keyboard player and I hit it off . I found out this guy was only 19 years old, but carried himself  like a man many years older.  He was marred with a small daughter, and played for his fathers church.  As time passed and we played more gospel functions together, I asked if his family would like to have diner with my family, I would cook.  We had a nice time., and we continued our friendship for a few more years. Then paths separate me from people again. The temporary factor set in.

Years later I had an inkling to visit the church where the young keyboard player father was pastor. Things had changed, II walked into the church, took a seat. Watched as my old friend played the organ with such grace and felt good that he was doing well. Just as he noticed me , he stopped playing, the music stopped and he walked over  hugged me, and introduced me to the entire congregation. Then he proclaimed this is Brother Emmitt. He changed my life,  then he thanked GOD and went back to the keyboard and began playing  for the rest of the service. (wait,WHAT!)

After the service he informed me that I gave him direction because of how I lived, and until that point he had not seen a young black man who had his own house, took care of his family and lives a decent life without being shady.  He told me that I let him know the dream was possible. GOD works in mysterious way.

My ramblings in this post are this, you don’t know who is watching and admiring what you do and who you are. Yes you are doing all the right things but the wrong things may seem easier. There is someone who loves you for who you are and what you can become . Live that life to inspire others to reach their potential, and your happiness will fill with abundance

Love you All

Be Bless and Happy

Emmitt Muckles

Social & Economic Reset..It had to happen.

reset-buttonGordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street declared that “Greed Is Good”.

Well Look where that got us. National household credit card debt that averages $5~10K on the low end, automobiles that are worthless as soon as you stick a key in the ignition, and housing prices that are worth 75% of what you owe to the financial institution.

We got hoodwinked into thinking that the upper class was available to everyone at any time. In that struggle to attain a certain level of life style we lost not only our financial way but our social foundation too.

I watched an episode of Oprah, where people were saying as soon as their financial class status changed their circle of friends changed.(DUH it’s called fair weather friend)

This is an endless topic, but several weeks ago I was having a pint with a friend who recently lost his job, when I began to explain:

This had to happen, this financial melt down. I informed him that at the rate of inflation, spending and population expansion, buy the time my seventeen year old daughter reached my age inflation would be deadly. My summation.

  1. Average suburban home ( nothing fancy) would cost $500,000.000 to $750,000.00 dollars ( Think Southern California but acr9oss the U.S.A)
  2. Gas & milk prices would be $8~$10 per gallon
  3. An automobile would cost $50, 000 for a small sedan.
  4. Insurance would be $4000~5000 a month for a family of three.
  5. A college degree would cost $200,000 or more dollars after four years.
  6. $50.00 Per hour would be a standard wage to be middle class.
  7. and communities would be privatized.

As my friend tipped back his drink and gently placed it on the bar, he gazed ant me and said, “You are absolutely right” . Then we began comparing the prices of things when we were teenagers versus today’s prices.

I watched Scarface of DVD recently and there was one notable scene. Tony Montana was looking to purchase a Porsche 928s, the sales person said the price was $18k. As yourself what kind of a new sports car can you get for $18k today.

We had to have a economic reset to keep out society stable.

Looking at the new here in Detroit all we hear about is GM, Chrysler, and Crime. GM had t file for Chapter ?? bankruptcy for the simple fact that before they made a dollar they had to pay 2 dollars out to pensions. You cannot run a long term business that way.

We have to rethink the who we are as people. We are not our stuff, things, or external physical representation. We are relationships, memories and emotional ties, basically family. We forgot that because we were busy working for stuff we could not afford and had not paid for.

Change and growth are very uncomfortable, but once it is over things are so much better.

Emmitt Muckles

Profiting: Nothing from Nothing Leaves….Nothing..Unemployed in Michigan

We have built a society that is virtual.

Most of the Money in our economy does not exist, it’s just a number on paper or a computer. Try to physically picture 1 trillion dollars, or 1 billion dollars, or 1 million dollars cash.

Money is the most virtual thing. Money is the reality of Keyser Söze from the movie The Usual Suspects. For so many years the economy in the United states has been robust. If you wanted to kill it with a shot gun the economy would have shrugged and kept progressing.

Let’s face it we were all caught up in the rapture of good times. I have seen reports for years stating (2001-2007) how the economy was slowing, Christmas sale numbers were down, and so on and so on.  For the most part people were in “WHAT EVER”  mode. SUV’s and $300,000 house were flying off the shelf.

The machine kept growing. Until…fall 2008. That was the blade coming down upon then head. The blade actually hit the flesh of the economy in November  2008, and has been making its way down to the bone as time progresses.

Time to get back to simplicity, because it is going to be an uncomfortable bumpy ride.

I figure in the back of most individuals minds people were thinking there would be a slowing down of the economy instead of a abrupt halt. The way in which new house were being built was astonishing, couple that with the amount of new consumer business’ being built and placed in to new areas who would have guessed.
In my informal inquiries it seem men are the most affected by the layoff. This makes since and it proves some facts about wage discrimination. Men typically earn more money than women, so if you are going to get very lean, start at the top of the heap those who make the most money, MEN.

Informal exercise, visit the local unemployment office and tally the men VS. the women.

If you are unemployed, your task is to learn something new to get another job, move out of state, of do what you were doing as an occupation, except independently.

The statistics  from the Great Depression, unemployment nationwide was approximately 25%.

1930~1939 lower 48 states

Population 123,188,000 , if 11% were unemployed equals 135,50,680, at 25% =30,797,000

Car Sales: 2,787,400

Average salary: $1,368

United StatesPopulation: 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.) if 11 percent of the population were unemployed today that would be 33,420,710 out of work

If you compare the numbers above we have surpassed the numbers of unemployed people from the great depression era. Of course there are other factors to consider about the populations of yesterday and today, but hopefully you understand my point.

Time to do what you do best, only this time for yourself and efficiently.

This is the time to proper, but differently than we did previously.


Detroit RIP 2009 unless the cancer is removed!

Now What?

Now What?

At what point does a person just give up a say, ”I am not the most qualified person for this task.”  That is is what Detroit’s city council should be saying.

I had a job where I assumed a position that was not the right fit for me. Since it was not a good fit, I had to abdicate the position, of my own free will.  That sucked because it paid extremely well, but we survive.

I remember the Shreik name calling incident during a city council meeting several months ago.  That was the defining moment where I really began to take notice of what was happening.  The only thing that came to mind was “SOCIALLY RETARDED” adults in charge, with inflated egos running rampant.

What happened to the standard high moral and integrity that once prevailed in this country?

It is time to clean house, to help restore the city of Detroit become a healthy state again.


Live 4 Now!