Nothing to Hide, Everything to fear Black in America

There was a statement in:

The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

By Upton Sinclair

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

As I look at my Facebook timeline, I see an incredible amount of posting concerning the  rampant civil rights of many American citizens. Of these posting the majority are People of Color.

There was an old statement from the american 1960 which stated “The Revolution will not be Televised”. Thanks to social media the revolution will not be televised but posted  via the internet, But, I don’t think so, the tipping point is upon us.

Civil Rights 2.0 may be required to  suffer a great deal more collateral damage to really get the attention of the American Public. My reasoning : The majority of Americans are way too comfortable in whatever level of lifestyle and far too timid to change anything, besides the channel.

Police are killing people unjustifiably. The reason we have not seen an outrage of mass scale are for several reasons.

1. The killings not close enough to any large group to make a significant social impact. ( sad but true)

2. Too many people believe verbatim the presentations on television and media.

3. The I’M Good factor ( which means it ain’t directly affecting me).

Since Trayvon Martin’s death I can stop thinking about the growing number of senseless beatings and murder aimed dominantly at American men of color.

Its crazy when a person freaks out a little just to see a police officer while driving, simply because an encounter with a police officer may be fatal to one’s health.

Thinking back about a year or so, the topic of  bullying was all the rage. This is the ultimate for of being bullied. Where are those people who were making noise then? Hip Hop  and marginalized people have been reporting inappropriate police behavior of this nature for years and people dismissed or ignored their claims because it did not have an impact on the dominant society. I  seriously ask you, what are we to do to address this murderous situation? Is it not enough to enslave people in the for profit prison industrial complex, because if you read the constitution there is ONE legal form of slavery in America. So since the prisons are at capacity just start killing people of a particular ethnic demographic unjustly.

In my head, in my heart, I just want to have the opportunity to strive for and live the American Dream without being paranoid of those who are slated to Protect and Serve.