LOOKING FOR A JOB IN MICHIGAN! Venting for the People.

I have a friend looking for a job in Michigan. : ( As a matter of fact now I have a great many friends looking for jobs in Michigan. Most of them tell me that it is a futile effort. The bottom just fell out of the basket and no one has a clue as to what  to do to correct the problems that come with not having enough money.  People just want a job that will allow them to maintain what they have, because many have mentally let go of the previous ideologies previously held.  SUV’s,  boats , summer homes up in northern Michigan are history.

It seems to me that the bulk of the people being laid-off are men. That is scary.

Why men, do you ask? Money is the answer. It’s not fair but men still make more money than women based on some statistics. Companies are not just cutting the fat, but the bone too. We are in a dire catch 22.

As I stated in another post, someone has hit the financial reset button in the United States.  My conspiracy theory friend  tells me at least once a week that it is a plan to get the world under one government and one monetary system. The way things are looking, I don’t think of him as crazy as I once did. NAHH, that couldn’t happen ; 0  .

There is a reoccurring them I hear often thought from guys with tons of experience but lacking a Bachelors degree.  Mr. X your resume is outstanding but we or (the company), were looking for someone with a degree.  Then other theme is; we were looking for someone with more experience specific to this position.

I hear this story from different individual a couple of time from various unemployed people.  WOW!

What are we all to do, the role of provider is shifting, therefore the natural order will shift too.

Tell me your story about the economy. One thing is for certain have faith and the future will be bright.

Goal: Giving $1,000,000.00 fifty percent at a time.

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

THE Goal:Giving a Million to those in need!

I recently attended my first  Motor City Connect event in downtown Detroit at the Penobscot building. I had no idea the profound effect this event would have on my psyche.

The event was not particularly large in attendance, but the small number of people who were there made up for that hands down.  If I recall correctly,  about ten individuals where present.

I bet you want to know what was so moving about this particular Motor City Connect function? Well here is is. I met one of the founders of Operation Kid Equip (OKE), Manachem Kniespek.

The protocol for the this function was to introduce your self and your business, then state and action you are looking to solve. Because it is a social network, an individual could say he/she is looking to meet with an owner of a particular business, or searching for someone who requires a certain service, for their action.

After the introductions the general conversation began and somehow we began to discuss the needs of children in the Metro-Detroit area.  Manachem had great information about his company and the service they provide. As the conversation progressed I learned how deeply the children of Metro-Detroit are being affected by the economic shift we are experiencing currently.  For some reason, when economic issues are discussed in the media, we don’t really hear about the effects job loss have directly on children. This event put a face and age on the perspective. All the information I received that day cause my heart to swell.  I could not get out my mind the challenges Non-Profit and charities face when the economy take a turn for the worse.

I could not get out of my head so many people (children and families) were in dire need right now. It weight heavy on my mind for the last two weeks. I just kept thinking, how can I help? With so many charities to choose from, how do you choose?

I thought about it and thought about it, nothing viable came to me. Then I prayed on it. What do I have to offer? BAAM, like a blot of lighting it came to me.

I was so excited from the epiphany I couldn’t stop moving, I was that energized, and ready to go. Here is the plan, give away 50% of the profit from my book sales. Make it a mission to sell my inspiration book so that I may give to those who need.

For more information Please visit: Infinite Possibilities or emmittmuckles.com

Liv 4 Now

2+ 5 =Seven Year Theory

The magic Number.

The magic Number.

The Number 7 is magical to me.

  • The first 7 years of our lives  ( 0- 7 yrs)we simply learn about our environment. And are basically free children.
  • The second period of 7 we are in the phase of gaining responsibility for our lives and learning to interact with the world.  ( 8-15 yrs)
  • The third phase of 7 we are teenagers, where we have responsibility, and begin to learn about action vs. consequences. (15-22 yrs)
  • The fourth phase of seven we are truly considered adults and are in full fledged mode to place into effect what we have learned to this point in our life, and possibly share our experiences with a partner. While having some fun. (22-29 yrs)
  • The fifth phase of 7 is where we try to get serious about things and settle into routine, wile making things stable around us. ( 29-36 yrs)
  • The sixth phase is usually where we begin to take inventory and freak out mentally just a little bit. (37-44 yrs)
  • I have not gotten past the 6th phase yet, but from what I have been told, it is where the waters of life calm for a bit, and your mind clears. Then this whole process starts over again.

This number has been in the back of my mind for some time now. I began to ponder it because of a job interview I had many years ago when I was in my 20’s. The first thing the interview guy said to me was, “Where do you see yourself in five years.”

I wish someone would ask me that now. That person would get a serious earful. The first would be, Who are you and why do you care, because 5 is the wrong number.

7 is the right number, think about it, 7 days of the week, 7 is the life cycle number,  7 days of creation ( so they say), and 7 brides for 7 brothers etc…etc.

5 is just a number that when multiplied you get a good easy multiple. I just don’t dig it really it’s too limiting.

Here is the example:

Let’s say you want to embark upon something new, like a change in career path or starting a new small business. 5 years is just too short to be successful.

So I’ll break it down.


To start anything from scratch requires setup, and game plan acquisition time. This is your first two years. During this period we gather our intelligence, formulate a plan of action, test the waters to make sure our plan is sound and get our feet wet in the process. The two years is critical because you have to understand what you are about to get into in the long run. Two years is not a great deal of time to use as a testing ground.  This is why I always wonder about people who choose to be  doctors, lawyers, accountants, or any occupation with a long time investment before seeing the fruits. They must invest so much time preparing,  when they get to put their skill into action it must be carried through because so much time has been invested, even if they find out that they hate it.

Two years of planning, interning, volunteering and learning all there is about what you want to do. Trust me, whatever your final goal is you will know that it is true to your soul in a short period of time.

Once the two year period is done. You will be prepared, if executed properly to hit the ground running with for the next 5 years reaping the rewards of your goal/plan. During the two years, you were able to network, figure out the in’s and out’s  require, develop your skill set, and get the correct mindset to function in your new capacity.

During the course of the 2+5=(7) years serendipity will occur to lead you to some other wonderful things you totally did not expect.

Keep an eye out for more about the 2+5= 7 key to living.


Liv 4 now!